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March 2007 Equipment Roundup: Mixing and Blending

March 12, 2007
March's equipment round-up features mixing and blending equipment, including high-speed blenders, automated powder batching systems, submersible equipment, and ribbon blending tanks.

Fast, versatile and sanitary

New Ultra Sanitary In-Line mixers perform the widest range of applications - mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving - with efficiency, flexibility and sanitary construction. Designed to comply with FDA, 3A and GMP standards, these machines are suited for CIP and SIP installations. The design offers further versatility with multistage rotor/stator configurations as standard options, resulting in substantially faster mixing times by reducing the number of recirculation passes required, and offering greater particle size reduction.

Silverson Machines; East Longmeadow, Mass.

Portable and submersible

The PSDM-55 Submersible Drum Mill is an economical, free-standing, stand-mounted, basket-type mill that has an independently powered milling shaft/basket assembly and separate single-mixing shaft. It is capable of processing milling batches 20-55 gal. in a single drum. Useful for low viscosity batches up to 20,000 cps, it has no floor anchors and is movable with a forklift or pallet jack.

Premier Mill/SPX Corp.; Reading, Pa.

Powerful blender

The LiquiShear provides the processing power of a bottom entry, high-speed blender with an optional integrated powder induction system to feed powders, solids and semi-solids into the blender. On its own, the basic blending module is a heavier-duty, higher-quality and more powerful blender. It uses a low-maintenance double mechanical seal, a removable manway dump grid, a combination filter and vent and a CIP spray ball.

Admix Inc.; Manchester, N.H.

Ribbon blending

A new family of ribbon blending tanks is being introduced in single-wall, double-wall insulated and triple-wall heated and insulated versions. Available in sizes 50-800 gal., the tanks feature variable frequency drives, controlled helical agitation blades, interlocked safety grates, personnel steps and hopper covers.

Hinds-Bock Corp.; Redmond, Wash.

Mixing, cooking and pumping

The steam-driven PDX sonic processing system can mix, pump, heat, cook and homogenize simultaneously, providing up to 50 percent energy improvement and low maintenance. This novel technology enables processing that is up to 15 times faster, burn-on is eliminated, clean-up is up to 80 percent quicker and payback can come within 12 months.

Pursuit Dynamics; Darien, Conn.

Prevents bridging

A family of automated powder batching systems provide efficient management of dry bulk, powdered, flaked and granular ingredients and produce exceptional batch consistency. The USDA polyethylene dispensers are designed to prevent the "bridging" effect, which is common in powder processing, and which complicates material flow. The dispenser design has integral, centralized dust collection, but also is designed to substantially reduce the generation of airborne dusts. Also, the systems use off-the-shelf hardware and software to prevent issues with proprietary equipment and platforms and facilitate easy maintenance.

Ingredient Masters Inc.; Cincinnati

No moving parts

Kenics Sanitary Static Mixers provide efficient, cost-effective blending, dispersion and heating/cooling. Continuous, in-line mixing is achieved with no moving parts, no maintenance and no external power requirements. They feature sanitary stainless steel construction, clamp-style fittings and clean-in-place models. The patented, static helical mixing elements produce complete mixing uniformity with minimum pressure drop for any combination of liquids, gases and solids.

Chemineer Inc.; Dayton, Ohio

High shear = fine emulsions

Several new design features are offered on the X-Series High-Shear Mixer. The patented design includes a unique rotor-stator generator that creates high shear rates at tip speeds up to 17,000 ft. per minute. These mixers are offered in several standard industrial and sanitary designs up to 250 hp. All wetted parts are constructed of type 316-stainless steel and include double mechanical seals. Typically used for the production of fine emulsions and dispersions, submicron particle sizes are easily produced using this model.

Charles Ross & Son; Hauppauge, N.Y.

Constant pressure

A digitally controlled constant pressure option has been added to the M-700 series Microfluidizer high-shear fluid processors. Operating at constant process pressure is expected to minimize component stress, resulting in longer component life and increased machine reliability. With the constant pressure option, real-time flow rates are displayed on an LCD panel, and built-in alarms warn and/or shut down the unattended system in the event of out-of-spec processing pressure. This significantly reduces the incidence of product waste and improves overall product quality.

Microfluidics; Newton, Mass

Triple the action

Triple-action mixing plus portability and control are keys of the Tri-Mix Turbo-Shear agitator. It can be built in many custom sizes with various viscosity ratings especially for R&D use. Its portability allows you to not commit valuable lab space to one mixer. A variety of control options are available.

Lee Industries; Philipsburg, Pa.

Custom wet-mix

Custom-engineered wet-mix process systems are packaged to achieve specific customer requirements for emulsifying, dispersion and particle size reduction. They provide users with a finished product that is homogeneous, has repeatable viscosity and dispersion down to one micron and is consistent from batch to batch. Systems can be designed for handling viscous materials from 1,000 cps and up with flow rates 0.5-300 gpm, depending upon the application, and are ideally suited for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical applications.

Bematek Systems Inc.; Salem, Mass.


Stationary and portable CB Series Blender-Conveyors combine bulk carrier unloading, transfer, and blending capabilities in one vacuum-pressure unit. They are sized for 5 to 20-plus TPH and can handle powdered, granular or pelletized abrasive materials that are friable. Equipped with automated controls and load cells, these machines blend products from multiple sources and convey them to one or more destinations using a single 15-psig positive-displacement blower. Proprietary semi-dense design results in low line velocities and high material-to-air ratios that reduce wear and product degradation.

Cyclonaire Corp.; York, Neb.

Auger metering added

RAM, regrind auger metering, has been added to the vendor's SGBD series 900 and larger blenders. The blenders already accurately mix up to six components; RAM allows the addition of two more hard-to-meter components. Up to two RAM units can be mounted onto each blender with a 7-in. frame riser section that sits below the material hoppers. These feeders funnel into the weigh hopper with the other six ingredients from the standard slide gate, processing material between 10-2,500 lbs. per hour.

Sterling; New Berlin, Wis.

Small and lightweight

Small, lightweight, all-steel production mixers for pharmaceutical, biotech and higher-end food applications meet ASME BPE standards and are designed for tank mounting. The PB-Series mixers feature an IEC frame motor that weighs only 7 lbs. and all-steel drive systems with a 316L stainless steel dry-running mechanical seal, pedestal and wetted parts. Ideally suited for batch processing from 5 to 200 liters, these portable mixers have a sanitary Tri-Clamp mount and are SIP/CIP cleanable.

Sharpe Mixers; Seattle, Wash.

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