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Wellness Foods New Ingredient Profiles: February/March 2007

Feb. 20, 2007
February's nutraceutical ingredient profiles inlcude aleurone, protective anitoxidant ingredients, botantical extracts, all-natural preservatives and water-soluable phytosterols.


In the past, a challenge for grain processors has been the cost-effective isolation of that valuable fraction of grain, the aleurone. Aleurones are the protein granules found in the endosperm layer of grains. Cargill Inc. and Cenex Harvest States' Horizon Milling venture has yielded GrainWise Wheat Aleurone. The product is an innovative, all natural ingredient food manufacturers can use to add the healthy benefits of whole grain nutrition to foods, while preserving more of the sensory qualities of foods made from enriched white flour.

The highly valued aleurone layer the "best of the bran," where most of the desirable whole-wheat nutrients are concentrated gives GrainWise Wheat Aleurone a nutrient profile of 45 percent dietary fiber with higher levels of most bran nutrients. This makes the ingredient a concentrated source of essential vitamins, including B6, niacin and E (tocopherols and tocotrienals), and the minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and selenium (also an antioxidant). It also includes most major antioxidants and many phytochemicals.

What GrainWise Wheat Aleurone has less of is pigment. That, and a neutral flavor impact means processors can incorporate the ingredient into foods at higher levels than full bran and use it as an effective substitute for a portion of the enriched white flour in formulations.

Inclusion of GrainWise Wheat Aleurone at a level of 20 percent yields a nutrition profile similar to whole wheat, yet preserves soft texture, high volume, mild taste and light color found in typical baked food products such as bread, buns, pasta and cereal yet raises fiber content high enough to permit fiber-content claims on labels.

Horizon Milling LLC; Minneapolis

by David Feder, R.D.


Twice the Protection

Vitiva rolls out two new protective ingredients, INOLENS 4 -- a powerful antioxidant formulation based on rosemary extract as a natural solution for the stabilization of carotenoids, tomato-based products and paprika oleoresins -- and SyneROX-4, a natural solution, based on rosemary extract for protecting polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) oils from oxidative degradation.

INOLENS 4 is an odorless rosemary extract suitable for a wide range of food applications. It can improve oleoresin stabilization in carotenoids and tomato based products, such as ketchup, pizza etc. Currently, numerous synthetic compounds -- such as BHT, BHA, TBHQ and ethoxyquin are used to prevent rancidity and color fading in paprika and carotenoids.

SyneROX-4 is a highly deodorized, allergen-free, vegetarian compound that can fight free radicals and extend PUFA oils' shelf life up to 30-90 percent while helping to retain the original organoleptic characteristics taste, color and smell of PUFA oils. PUFA oils (omega 3, fish oil, borage, linseed oil) are proven to be highly effective in protecting human health by eliminating free radicals. This unique composition is unstable and therefore they deteriorate much faster than conventional oils. Most of the ingredients available in the market that can protect PUFA oils from rancidity are synthetic while food manufactures prefer to use natural solutions that can answer consumers' concern for side effects as well as obtain clean labels.

Vitiva SI; Markovci, Slovenia;

Phytosterols Out of the Blue

Blue California announces its new, water-soluble form of micro-encapsulated phytosterols/40% in powder form for water-soluble applications. Phytosterols are (also called plant sterols) are a group of steroid alcohol phytochemicals naturally occurring in plants and structurally similar to cholesterol. They can act in the intestine to lower cholesterol absorption. Some studies also indicate they could help reduce cancer risk. Blue California's micro-encapsulated phytosterols have many applications for foods and beverages, and are organic and kosher-certified. Phytosterols naturally have very low systemic absorption, but the excellent water-solubility of Blue California's micro-encapsulated can improve the absorption. Blue California provides standardized botanical extracts and other specialty ingredients from globally sourced raw materials to functional foods industries. In addition, Blue California offers also contract-manufacturing services such as blending, granulation and chilsonation.

Blue California; Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

Eat Your Chia Pet

Valensa International introduces Tresalbio, a new botanical extract that will allow the producers of nutraceuticals, functional foods and other health-promoting products to deliver premium quality, high functional-density omega-3 fatty acids to consumers. This extract of the Salvia hispanica seed (also known as "chia" seed) delivers one of the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids found in nature, and Valensa's CO2 extraction process ensures product stability and longer shelf life, while reducing the incidence of rancification, improving the taste and odor of the Omega-3 delivering ingredient. Salvia is an ancient food -- one of the original foods of the New World. A highly prized staple of the Aztec diet, chia (from chian, meaning "oily") was prized by the ancient civilization's warriors. Tresalbio also contains natural antioxidants, such as caffeic acid and tocopherols.

Valensa International; Eustis, Fla.

Naturally Safe

Responding to the growing demand from consumers for manufacturers to use healthy, organic substances in their food preparations, Preservation Sciences Inc. introduces its Natural Choice all-natural preservative. Natural Choice can be used to replace controversial chemical preservatives such as sodium benzoate, potassium benzoate and potassium sorbate. Natural Choice effectively inhibits the onset of spoilage in liquid-based products due to incidental microbiological contamination (yeast, mold and some lactic acid bacteria) from post processing. The product also inhibits spoilage due to gross contamination from poor sanitation practices or low-quality raw ingredients. With an appealing orange taste and aroma, and an opaque white coloring, Natural Choice can best be used to preserve beverages and other liquid-based, fruit food products with a pH under 4.5. It Is kosher certified and can be labeled "natural flavor" and "no preservatives." Applications include citrus-based drinks and fruit juice-based drinks (i.e. grape, pineapple, cherry, blueberry) as well as food products such as popsicles, fruit fillings and salsas.

Preservation Sciences Inc.; St. Petersburg, Fla.

Culture Club

Danisco introduces Howaru Restore, a new probiotic formulation clinically proven to maintain and restore healthy gut flora. Howaru Restore promotes the growth of bifidobacteria and other beneficial microflora which form the body's natural first-line of defense against harmful invaders while helping to regulate digestive and immune systems. Health and nutrition experts often recommend yogurt as a source of beneficial bacteria to help maintain health or restore gut health secondary to poor diet or medical issues, such as antibiotic therapy. Not all yogurts contain active probiotics or their dosage level is ineffective. There is a huge consumer market for probiotics which effectively and naturally help maintain gut microflora. Howaru Restore is suitable for nutritional formulations, and is part of Danisco's exclusive line of premium probiotics.

Danisco USA Inc.; New Century, Kan.

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