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January 2007 Equipment Round-Up - Sanitation

Jan. 9, 2007
January's Equipment Round-Up covers sanitation products that can help keep a plant clean and within code.

Sulfuryl fluoride approved

The Codex Alimentarius Commission this past summer adopted maximum residue limits for sulfuryl fluoride, a fumigant alternative to methyl bromide. That enables the export of commodities around the world that have been fumigated with ProFume gas fumigant, which uses sulfuryl fluoride as its critical ingredient. Methyl bromide is being phased out due to its ozone-depleting characteristics, leaving Pro-Fume as a viable alternative. It has been used in more than 150 commercial fumigations and is labeled for use in all 50 states. An expanded label was registered by the EPA in 2005 for tolerances in food processing facilities, including dried fruit and tree nuts, and cereal grains. The food processing label has been registered in 49 states and Puerto Rico, with registration pending in California.

Dow AgroSciences; Indianapolis

Let us sanitize your facility

Sanis UltraClean is a scheduled service visit that combines an indoor pressure washer and chemical injection with wet vacuum technology. This high pressure cleaning removes buildup that brushes cannot reach and eliminates the touching of contaminated areas by your personnel. Soil, germs and odor-causing bacteria are removed. Your facility looks clean and smells clean - because it is clean.

Cintas Corp.; Cincinnati

Simple antimicrobial

The FDA now allows a chlorine dioxide antimicrobial agent to be marketed for the purpose of washing fruits and vegetables. Now the world's ideal biocide is easily made with a bucket of water at the point of use. In tests, the shelf life of fresh-cut produce was extended up to 50 percent because the product reduced and maintained low levels of bacteria, yeasts and mold. New technology allows the on-site production of this antimicrobial with no harmful residuals, no unwanted byproducts and superior efficacy at low concentrations. The product is easy to ship and store and has a two-year shelf life.

Selective Micro Technologies; Danvers, Mass.

Economical vacuums

Designed to meet the twin concerns of cost and performance, the new SL Vac series of industrial vacuums features solid construction and strong performance at an affordable price. Lightweight and highly maneuverable, the series features rear swiveling wheels with locking brakes and a unique lever that lowers the container for fast and easy disposal of collected debris. The vacuums demonstrate attention to detail and careful ergonomic design and have a wide range of available accessories.

Nilfisk-Advance America; Malvern, Pa.

Accessorize your hose

Accessories can add value to fluoropolymer hoses by creating simple solutions to problems. Maximize hose performance is by adding cost-reducing accessories such as Armor Guard to increase the abrasion resistance of the hose or a Fire Sleeve to maintain an outer hose temperature for operator handling. Cost for hose enhancing accessories is minimal compared to the savings you gain by keeping the hose operating longer in the field.

Parker/Page Intl. Hose; Fort Worth, Texas

Clean hands and boots

CleanTech automated hand and glove washing and sanitizing systems provide a comfortable wash, sanitize and rinse in approximately 10 seconds. Clinical studies show their ease of use increases handwashing compliance up to 300 percent while killing 99.98 percent of dangerous pathogens. The vendor can incorporate the handwashers with boot sanitizers and scrubbers.

Meritech Inc.; Centennial, Colo.

Powerful steam cleaners

Two new heavy duty steam cleaners are available to match a wide range of applications. The GVC 4600-A and the GVC-8000A-3 feature stainless steel construction for long life, in-operation refillable water tanks for continuous steam, adjustable vapor-steam pressure to match the application, chemical injection for additional cleaning power and multiple cleaning tools that are ideal for flat surfaces, cracks and crevices. The boilers are also stainless steel so that no depressurization is required after use.

Goodway Technologies; Stamford, Conn.

Economical pallet washer

The new PWMV-E is an economical alternative for cleaning pallets, freezer spacers and slip sheets. It offers effective water circulation which results in the conservation of water. Easily adjusted to the correct product size, it can wash approximately 50 units per hour. It has in-feed and out-feed sides and is suitable for placing in a continuous transport system. It is stainless steel with the exception of accessories and it features removable stainless steel spraying pipes, stainless steel nozzles and sieve filtration. Temperature is adjustable via a thermostat.

Systemate Numafa NA; Canton, Ga.

Better hoses

Two newly improved fabric-reinforced silicone hoses, called APSM and APSW, are now available for pure processing and fluid transfer applications in sanitary industries including food and beverage. The upgraded products contain polyester material with a different thread count and weave, making the hoses easier to bend. The steel reinforced hose (suitable for suction) now incorporates different gage wire for each hose size. This makes it better prepared to handle the rigors of pressure or full vacuum applications.

NewAge Industries Advantapure; Southampton, Pa.

Eco-friendly cleaning

X streme steam one-step dry steam cleaning and sanitizing systems clean and sanitize thoroughly even in difficult-to-reach places on equipment, production lines, packaging lines and working environments. No need for toxic cleaning and disinfection agents, the technology is clean, economical and most of all eco-friendly. Portable and self-contained, the systems use only quarts of water per hour, not gallons per minute. Some typical uses are cleaning slicers, dicers, wrappers, conveyors-chains, belts, refrigeration systems, electrical panels, sensors and more.

AmeriVap Systems; Atlanta

Brush with color

With block and bristles made of the same color, the Total Color Brush line helps meet the sanitation needs of the food processing industry, including HACCP programs. The color-coded brooms and brushes feature several designs and bristle types to provide efficiency and durability. Available in five colors, these items are part of the Vikan hygiene system.

Remco Products; Zionsville, Ind.

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