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November 2006 Equipment Round-Up - Instrumentation and Control

Oct. 30, 2006
November's Equipment Round-Up covers instrumentation and control products that can help plants increase reliability and efficiency.

Tough sensors

Osiprox Inductive Cylindrical Sensors were developed to exceed the demanding requirements of food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical applications. They are manufactured with FDA-approved materials and meet the demands of aggressive environments involved in these industries, such as extreme temperatures and humidity, resistance to food and beverage products and equipment washdowns using chemical agents. They have IP67, IP68 and IP69 ratings equivalent with industry standards.

Schneider Electric Sensor; Dayton, Ohio

Double your bandwidth

Enhanced modules now enable users to double their bandwidth while protecting existing control system investments. The new 1756-CN2 module and the 1756 CN2R media redundancy module each allow ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controller users to double networking capacity. This can be accomplished with fewer modules, which results in lower setup costs, conserved cabinet space and improved control system performance. These modules are compatible with all other existing ControlNet products and can be added to existing systems.

Rockwell Automation; Milwaukee

Lower energy costs

The new Food Tracker Temperature Profiling System helps reduce energy costs by optimizing the continuous or batch cook, bake, chill, freeze or fry process. Processes can be adjusted to the most efficient temperature and cycle times in order to diminish energy costs. The easy-to-use system automatically calculates bacteria kill rates and provides necessary HACCP documentation.

Datapaq; Wilmington Mass.

Head off trouble

With the release of version 8.4 of DeltaV system software, standard HART device status information can be used to generate PlantWeb alerts for any HART device permitting predictive diagnostics. This can head off plant abnormal situations and process disruptions by alerting maintenance and operations personnel to potential trouble areas. Conditional alarming also has been extended to Foundation fieldbus devices to make intelligent field devices more discriminating to reduce nuisance alarms. Installed base customers can now take advantage of hidden predictive diagnostics in their installed legion of HART devices.

Emerson Process Management; Austin, Texas

Bargain priced

Food growers and processors, beverage manufacturers and other FDA-regulated companies can now obtain accurate, reliable, maximum-featured temperature and humidity monitoring technology at approximately half price. The new KT8 line of K-Thermocouple Remote Sensing 8-inch Chart Recorders and the new TH8 line of 8-inch Temperature/Humidity Chart Recorders have many features including larger charts, smaller footprint design and higher quality metal components that make them very practical. They are available at prices as low as $319.

Dickson Co.; Addison, Ill.

Simpler salometers

The first-ever Digital Salometers provide increased accuracy and efficiency when measuring the percent saturation and freeze point of sodium chloride salt-brine solutions. With only two drops of solution, they provide an instant determination of salt brine saturation or freezing point. A simple, user-friendly interface consists of two buttons, the large LCD display is easy to read even in dim light and calibration is automatic and doesn't require special solutions or tools.

Misco Refractometer; Cleveland

Low cost controller

The new Foxboro A2 T2550 controller combines control and I/O technology into an expandable baseplate or chassis. Like a PLC, it can be deployed independently or as part of a centrally controlled network. It is a highly cost-effective alternative for smaller applications. The controller can be easily integrated into a control or plant network and it will continue to control the process even if a network link is lost. Combined with an optional controller redundancy, it provides a high degree of fault-tolerance at a very low cost.

Foxboro Automation; Foxboro, Mass.

Accurate temperature control

High accuracy electronic temperature control for hot, cold or cold/defrost cycling is possible with the new Hot and Cold Temperature Controllers. These controllers replace traditional bulb and capillary temperature thermostats for about the same price and deliver improved precision. Other features include time control, small package size and conformal coating for moist environments. Microprocessor-based technology assures high reliability and stability.

Selco/ECC; Anaheim, Calif.
800-229-2332; www.selcoproducts.com

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