Jolly Time Healthy Pop Caramel Apple Popcorn

Oct. 2, 2006
Food Processing's 8th-grade panelists tasted caramel apple popcorn that resulted in being a hit across the board.
Jolly Time Healthy Pop, Caramel Apple
American Popcorn Co., Sioux City, Iowa

Jason Cooper, 8th grade:
This is some of the best popcorn I've ever had. It smells real sweet, which will attract people. The taste will make them want more. I also think this is a good snack that you
can cuddle up with and watch a good movie.

Filip Gorgioski, 8th grade:
I think the package looks kind of bad, but the popcorn tastes OK. It could be better with more caramel and real sugar.

Justin Davis, 8th grade:
This popcorn is the strongest of them all in taste/smell/texture. It just rocks your world. I'd like more sugar, but off the charts.

Dhwani Jain, 8th grade:
It tastes like cinnamon popcorn more than caramel-apple. Children will like it, but may not ask their parents to buy it unless they make the packaging better. If they use cartoons or brighter colors, little kid will ask their parents to buy it. It smells really good though.

Hannah Bielawski, 8th grade:
I think the packaging will appeal to people on diets and parents who don't want to buy fattening foods. Also, it tastes really good - but not like caramel apple. It tastes more like vanilla. With a little (added) apple, I think this would do very well.

Billy Prout, 8th grade:
I think the packaging could be better. It smells very good, and it tastes magnificent.

Megan Lindeman, 8th grade:
The package it comes in just looks like a regular popcorn box. It takes like regular, plain popcorn. It doesn't taste at all like caramel or apple. Basically, it tastes disgusting.

Janek Evans, 8th grade:
The packaging is interesting and appealing to buyers. The smell is very good, with a hint of apple. The texture is soft and then in your mouth it's crunchy. The taste is good with apple and caramel. The caramel apple popcorn is great; it should be in all stores.

Christian Pelayo, 8th grade:
The packaging looks exotic; it has bright colors. The taste is magnificent. The smell is so good, and though the texture is weird, the product is great.

Jermaine Radcliffe, 8th grade:
The texture is like any other popcorn. The taste is very good, and it smells really good.

Chris Cottier, 8th grade:
Like all popcorn, it comes in a box. It's very small and convenient. This has popcorn texture, but it smells and tastes like caramel apple. It tastes fabulous … I love it. This is a big taste stride for popcorn.

Something new in the box:Our Food Biz Kids take their tasting responsibilities very seriously, and they check out the packaging, aroma, taste and need in the marketplace for each product. They would love to try your new product. Unfortunately, they don't have access to a conventional stove, but any other products are fine. Although we can only print a few of their responses, we'd be happy to send you all of them (up to 30). Contact Diane Toops at [email protected], or 630-467-1300, ext. 321.