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Food Biz Kids: Ritz Bitz Cracker Sandwiches

Sept. 7, 2006
Food Processing’s 8th-grade panelists tasted peanut butter and jelly cracker sandwiches that resulted in mixed reviews.

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Hannah Bielawski, 8th grade:
I think the packaging will be very appealing to little kids because lots of them really like PB&J. I don’t really think it tastes very good. I mean the cracker and the peanut butter tastes good, but once you get to the jelly it tastes really bad – like burnt sugar. Also, it smells like regular PB&J. I don’t think we really need this product because frankly, it just doesn’t taste good.

Nabisco Ritz Bits Cracker Sandwiches -- Peanut Butter and Jelly; Kraft Foods North America, East Hanover, N.J.

Kenny Horwat, 8th grade:
What is Nabisco thinking with this Ritz Bits Cracker Sandwich flavor? They already have good Ritz flavors, but this tastes like salty and sweet peanut butter. The packaging is the same as always. This Ritz Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor sucks!

Megan Lindeman, 8th grade:
The box it comes in is just like the regular Ritz box. Little kids will probably like it because it has a kids’ image on the back. It just tastes like a cracker with peanut butter and a lot of salt and sugar. It doesn’t really taste like the jelly. It smells better than it actually tastes.

Dhwani Jain, 8th grade:
The packaging is all right; it looks like the normal Ritz boxes. They taste pretty good. Kids will love this product since there is peanut butter in it and also sugar. Older people won’t eat it since the jelly tastes like plain sugar. Overall, kids will love this, so it should be (placed) low on store shelves.

Filip Gorgioski, 8th grade:
The packaging looks like it’s for little kids. The peanut butter is OK, but it tastes nasty because of a weird jelly taste. I don’t think we need this product.

Justin Davis, 8th grade:
The Ritz Bits package could never compete with the strong texture of the peanut butter and jelly. The Bits need more jelly inside because the peanut butter flavor is way stronger than the jelly. The smell is unbelievable – too bad it couldn’t compete with the taste.

Billy Prout, 8th grade:
I think the packaging is appealing to little kids. It smells good and the peanut butter tastes good, but the jelly is bad. I don’t think there is a necessity for this product.

Janek Evans, 8th grade:
The packaging is OK; it looks like fun for kids. The smell is like peanut butter and grape juice. The texture is flaky and messy. The taste is really bad. First it tastes like peanut butter, then there’s a weird bad taste that gets better. There is no need for this product in the stores.

Christian Pelayo, 8th grade:
I think the packaging is excellent. It appeals to kids and has colorful pictures. The taste is different; it doesn’t have such great appeal to me. It smells just like peanut butter and jelly, but it needs less jelly.

Jermani Gaines, 8th grade:
These crackers taste good, but sort of like lemons to me. They are very sweet, so they should have less sugar in them.

Jermaine Radcliffe, 8th grade:
The inside packaging for the Ritz Bits Sandwiches Peanut Butter and Jelly is very tight. It tastes like grape juice and peanut butter, but the smell is really bad. There is no need for these crackers.

Jason Cooper, 8th grade:
This is a bad idea from Ritz. You can’t even taste the jelly, and the peanut butter tastes artificial. Also the crackers taste bad; they are worse than regular Ritz. These are just plain bad. I do think they will sell to small kids though.

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