Preservation Technology Keeps Donated Food Safe and Fresher Longer

Aug. 31, 2006
Foodshare, Inc. adopted AiroCide PPT, a NASA-developed air purifying technology to reduce perishable waste and increase food safety in its produce cooler.

Foodshare is one of more than 200 facilities in the nation’s food bank network, Second Harvest, who supply rescued food to the needy. The AiroCide PPT technology kills airborne mold, fungi, bacteria and other pathogens and removes ethylene, a volatile organic gas; all factors responsible for premature perishable loss.

While keeping perishables fresh is important to all food suppliers, the extra time in distribution to food banks creates a unique challenge. It is especially critical for food banks to ensure their donated food remains in the freshest, most nutritious state as they serve day-care centers.

The patented technology used in AiroCide PPT is chemical-free and combines two known pathogen-killing techniques, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) and ultraviolet light to destroy harmful airborne microbes. The device is not a filtering system and emits no byproducts like ozone (O3). AiroCide has been reported to reduced shrink in a produce distribution centers by as much as 24%.