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August 2006 Equipment Roundup - Motors and Drives

Aug. 7, 2006
Motors and drives may be smaller in size and cost than the machines that do the actual "processing" work in a food processing plant, but their smooth functioning is just as critical to plant operations.

Handle harsh environments

The BSM series of servo motors are available in stainless steel for harsh environments, as well as for food and pharmaceutical applications. They feature popular shaft/mounting dimensions, high-voltage insulation, high continuous rated operating temperature plus an over-temperature protection thermal switch, standard windings for 160, 300 and 600 bus volts (custom windings available) and choice of feedback options: resolver, encoder, EnDat and SSI. The N series (low inertia) torque range is 0.45 Nm to 40 Nm, and the C series (high inertia) ranges from 0.45 Nm to 30 Nm.

Baldor Electric;
479-646-4711; www.baldor.com.
Fort Smith, Ark.

Simple and economical

The new Simple Economy (SE1) and Simple Wireless (SW1) S series of Micro AC Drives are simple to install, economical to use, compact and reliable. They are ideal for basic industrial applications. The two drives share a common set of parameters, the first 13 of which meet 80 percent of users’ most common needs making start-up for both drives fast and easy. Another 26 parameters are available for additional functionality and flexibility.

TB Wood’s Inc.;
888-829-6637; www.tbwoods.com.
Chambersburg, Pa.

Advanced AC drive

Dual microprocessors and motor control algorithms provide superior torque performance and speed regulation in the new Telemecanique Altivar variable speed AC drive. Advanced materials reduce the size by 15 percent compared to previous generations. These features make it the most advanced AC drive on the market for constant torque applications, the manufacturer claims. The design is operator friendly and the drive is highly expandable making it suitable for material handling, packaging, hoisting and a wide range of food processing applications.

Schneider Electric;
262-938-5461; www.us.telemecanique.com
Palatine, Ill.

Liquid-cooled AC drive

Manufacturers and industrial motor users requiring a high-horsepower drive with a space-saving design can take advantage of the new Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 700L liquid-cooled drive. Featuring the ability to withstand increasingly rugged environments, motor control users in a variety of industries will benefit from the high performance, energy-efficient drive that is up to 65 percent smaller when compared to similar air-cooled drives. Available in horsepower ranges from 200 to 1150 hp, it is one of the quietest drives in the industry, the manufacturer claims.

Rockwell Automation;
800-223-5354; www.rockwellautomation.com

Low-cost AC dynamometer

The new DynoLAB LT, a low cost complete turnkey system for electric motor testing, offers the test control and data acquisition capabilities required for basic electric motor testing as well as all the benefits of an AC motor dynamometer. This system is particularly appropriate in applications that need both driving and loading capability. Priced up to 35 percent less than a comparably equipped system, it offers a quality and affordable dynamometer test system for electric motor testing needs.

Sakor Technologies;
517-332-7256; www.sakor.com.
Okemos, Mich.

Efficient drive invertors

A new generation of drive invertors, the Movidrive B universal motor controller, offers more basic functions, extended lower speed range and increased overload capacity over the company’s previous design. The new inverters offer performance and control quality levels for AC asynchronous motors previously only possible with servo drives or DC motors. Available in two versions, they offer unprecedented efficiency levels during startup, operation and application.

864-439-7537; www.seweurodrive.com.
Lyman, S.C.

High torque, compact package

Built-to-order, U-shaped gearmotors have applications in conveyor systems, food processing equipment and factory automation. The type-HG gearhead provides flexible mounting and high torque in a small package. It produces up to 1,000 lb-in. continuous torque and outputs from 3 to 23 rpm. They are offered in a variety of built-to order shaft options including single-, double- and hollow-shaft configurations.

Bodine Electric Co.;
800-726-3463; www.bodine-electric.com.

Now high-torque drives

The Drive One product line has been expanded to include high-torque drives, capable of product output torques to 4 million lb.-in. (450,000 Nm). Six sizes are available in parallel or right-angle configurations. Drive arrangement options include base-mounted/coupling connected, shaft mounted/flange connected, and shaft-mounted/hollow shaft connected. Ratios are available from 145:1 to more than 10 million:1.

Falk Corp.;
414-342-3131; www.falkcorp.com.

Marathons join catalog

Marathon Motors products are now part of the vendor’s catalog product line. MicroMax motors range from ¼ hp to 10 hp, with dual voltages of 230/260 VAC and a base speed of 1,800 rpm. Speed regulation as accurate as 0.1 percent is possible. The motors also feature a constant torque speed range of 1,000:1 TENV and 20:1 TEFC. Other design features include linear torque characteristics, superior starting torque (up to 400 percent), excellent torque-to-inertia and smooth, low-speed performance.

Automation Direct;
770-889-2858; www.automationdirect.com.
Cumming, Ga.

Stainless reducers

Two new sizes have been added to the premium Washguard all-stainless steel worm reducer line. Sizes 818 (1.75-in. center distance) and 821 (2.06-in.) are able to withstand extreme environments and repeated washdowns. Standard features include die-cast stainless steel housing, O-ring seal on face of input motor flange, “Enviroseal” (which eliminates the need for a vent), H2 food grade synthetic lubricant, stainless steel output shaft and Viton double-lip shaft seals.

Leeson Electric;
262-377-8810; www.leeson.com.
Grafton, Wis.

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