July 2006 Equipment Roundup - Material Handling

July 11, 2006
This "baker's dozen" of material handling equipment spans a broad range of applications, from lift trucks to conveyors to belts.

Rugged trucks

Features of the newly engineered NR3000 Series 24V Reach Truck include a spacious operator compartment, multifunctional control handle and an AC drive system to enhance performance and improve operator efficiency. Configurations for the trucks include reach, deep reach and straddle chassis with capacities ranging from 2,500 to 4,000 lbs. and lift heights over 22 ft.

Cat Lift Trucks; Houston
800-228-5438; www.cat-lift.com

Easy-clean belt

The unique design of the Series 800 SeamFree open hinge flat top belt facilitates sanitation practices in food processing operations. The vendor claims it is the largest plastic module in the market at 36 in. wide with a 2-in. pitch. The open-hinge design makes rods and hinges more accessible for thorough cleaning, and the underside channels water and debris to belt edges for easy removal. Because the belt isn’t hinge-driven, debris is not pressed into the hinges. These factors eliminate several sanitation and product quality issues.

Intralox LLC; Harahan, La.
800-535-8848; www.intralox.com

Maneuverable trucks

The new 4700 Series four-wheel, sit-down electric lift trucks are more maneuverable and responsive than any other truck in their class, the vendor claims, translating to increased operator efficiency and productivity. The tighter turning radius provides greater agility and more efficient, faster right angle stacking. Maintenance costs are lowered due to the company’s exclusive ACR system which delivers faster, smoother operation, quicker response and lower maintenance.

Raymond Corp.; Greene, N.Y.
800-235-7200; www.raymondcorp.com

Cost-effective belt

A new, cost-effective alternative to balanced-weave belts, the Flat-Flex XT is ideal for medium-duty processing applications. The lower belt mass results in lower power consumption, faster processing and more product throughput. The unique wire mesh design with “Z-bend” joints provides greater strength with higher durability and longevity The belts are easy to clean and maintain and are typically used for breading machines, battering applications, commercial fryers, snack foods, cooking ovens and confectionary.

Wire Belt; Londonderry, N.H.
603-644-2500; www.wirebelt.com

Snug shaft design

The popular 1700 Series universal conveyor roller is now available with Taperhex shaft design. The double spring-loaded design allows the tapered hexagonal shaft to fit snugly into side-frame mounting holes, regardless of size or condition. Movement and wear on the frame are virtually eliminated due to the tight, self-adjusting fit and this translates into significant noise reduction and reduced maintenance costs.

Interroll Corp.; Wilmington, N.C.
800-830-9680; www.interroll.com

Sanitary conveyor

The 3-A Sanitary Conveyor is perfectly suited for bulk foods, pharmaceuticals, dairy products and other contamination-sensitive materials because it meets 3-A sanitary standards. An innovative coupling design virtually eliminates the potential of contamination while allowing quick disconnection of the screw from the motor drive for wash down. Numerous screws are offered to move a variety of materials ranging from large pellets to sub-micron powders with no separation of blended products.

Flexicon Corp.; Bethlehem, Pa.
888-353-9426; www.flexicon.com

New options for palletizer

New interface and design options are now available for the A-780 case palletizer. These options (among them a recirculating row pusher, high-speed hoist and pattern generation utility) dramatically increase the capacity and value of the machine for low-to mid-speed applications. In addition, it is RFID-enabled, giving it various useful capabilities such as changing patterns on the fly, managing end-of-run clearing and tracking production and inventory information.

FKI Logistex; St. Louis
877-935-4564; www.fkilogistex.com

Efficient vacuum conveyor

The IC Series of vacuum conveyors is designed to efficiently move coffee beans and similar materials during processing. These high-performance conveyors are completely enclosed, preventing materials from damage, and the unique filter design traps particles and prevents external contamination. The compact design conserves floor space, and they consume less energy than any other compressed-air driven technology on the market.

Piab USA Inc.; Hingham, Mass.
800-321-7422; www.piab.com

Clean, versatile conveyor

New FlexFlite screw conveyors use steel augers and flexible tubes up to 100 ft. long to move materials at rates as high as 3,600 lbs. per hour. They are readily portable and ideal for conveying products from bags, bins, hoppers or weigh stations. These conveyors can move a diverse array of materials (yeast granules, grain, nuts and more) including products that require sanitary handling.

Cyclonaire Corp.; York, Neb.
800-445-0730; www.cyclonaire.com

Fits in tight spaces

The 125Z Series line of conveyors provides tight product transfer and the ability to fit within space-constrained areas. Fixed angles ranging from 30 to 90 degrees minimize the number of required components while providing the highest load carrying capacity in the industry, the vendor claims. When coupled with their low profile (1.89 in.), these features make the conveyors ideal for use whenever products need to be raised or lowered. Five standard configurations are available to meet any need.

QC Industries; Cincinnati
513-753-6000; www.qcindustries.com

Motion control screws

Accuracy, reliability and load rating make the VHD Series of non-ball lead screws a popular replacement for ball screws. They are ideal for eliminating drag and wear associated with high pre-load forces, and the anti-backlash assembly is designed for smooth, quiet operation and long life. The screw is self-lubricating (doesn’t require grease to operate) and therefore reduces noise and dust in the workplace. Assemblies are available cut-to-length or with screws machined to your requirements.

Kerk Motion Products; Hollis, N.J.
603-465-7227; www.kerkmotion.com

Affordable lift

Valu-Lift Continuous Vertical Conveyors incorporate economical modular construction and a unique new platform for efficient high-speed operation, low maintenance, and simplified assembly. Perfect for cartons and other smooth-bottom unit loads, the lift is smaller, easier to install, more quickly available and more affordable than other vertical lifts in the industry. Standard features assure low maintenance and quieter operation.

TKF Inc.; Cincinnati
513-241-5910; www.tkf.com

Test your system first

A continuous container handling system, the Conveyor Test Loop is now available to give prospective customers the opportunity to identify the behavior of their specific containers on a wide variety of conveyor types prior to system design and installation. It handles a variety of container types, full and empty, with speeds from 100 to more than 1,000 containers per minute. This allows thorough testing of a customized container handling system prior to installation.

Priority One; Waterloo, Ontario
800-387-9102; www.priorityonepackaging.com