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Food Biz Kids: Chocolate Chex Mix

June 29, 2006
Our 7th-grade panelists sampled a new General Mills snack product and though the ingredients were mixed, the reviews were not (mostly). All but one taster gave Chocolate Chex Mix a thumbs-up.

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Chocolate Chex Mix - Peanut Butter
General Mills, Minneapolis

Sabrina D’Haiti, 7th grade:

The packaging for new Chocolate Chex Mix looks bright and eye-catching, and the picture on the front looks very appetizing. It actually tastes good. It tastes chocolaty with peanut butter. It has candy-coated chocolate pieces in it, too. This is a great snack for people who like chocolate and peanut butter.

Samuel Rhode, 7th grade:

The packaging is very dull, clearly showing the chocolate and peanuts. The texture is basically the same as normal Chex Mix. You taste peanut butter and chocolate, but with a little salt. The smell, too, is of chocolate and peanut butter. I don’t think it’s needed because there are probably a dozen more products just like it. Also, Chex is just plain better as a salty snack, not a chocolate and peanut butter one.

Misato Fukui, 7th grade:

Before putting one in my mouth, I smelled the sweet chocolate. When I did put it in my mouth, I tasted chocolate and something else: peanut butter. I don’t know which taste came first, but I think many people will buy this product because it says that it has 45 percent less fat.

Brianna Spencer, 7th grade:

The package is very interesting; I like the different colors on the bag. I like how there is some chocolate in with the peanut butter taste. The peanuts in it are perfectly salted, as well as the pretzels. I like that the Chex are in two different flavors – chocolate and peanut butter. I think there should be more candies, though. This is perfect for any person who likes peanut butter and chocolate.

Andrew Gillette, 7th grade:

Chocolate Chex Mix is kind of good, but there shouldn’t be so much stuff it. The texture is rough and it tastes like chocolate. I think there should be just one or two of the extras; then the Chex Mix would taste great.

Elsa McNeilly, 7th grade:

The packaging on this product is eye-catching and very interesting. I have to admit they look rather gross – über amounts of chocolate on one piece. But they taste sensational … amazing. The seasoning on each individual piece is great. The texture is small and rough. These would appeal to peanut lovers and people looking for a quick snack.

Alberto Muñoz, 7th grade:

Chocolate Chex Mix is nasty and doesn’t taste right. The texture looks like crumbs. It smells like chocolate but needs to look better.

Kira Heckathorne, 7th grade:

The package is very eye-catching. I don’t think anyone on a diet would eat it, but kids would. The taste is chocolate and salty, the texture is crunchy and the candies are soft, and the smell is good. I don’t think this product is needed, but they are fun to have and eat.

Chris Eddy, 7th grade:

The packaging is shiny and eye-catching but doesn’t use a lot of color. At first, I thought this would taste nasty – whoever heard of a Chocolate Chex Mix? But actually it tastes good – like M&Ms with a hint of salt. However, I wouldn’t buy this product because people could just go buy a Snickers bar instead of this.

Briana McCorkle, 7th grade:

New Chocolate Chex Mix Peanut Butter snack has a very appealing cover, and the taste is OK. For someone on a low-fat diet, this is a great snack. As far as texture, it just melts in your mouth. It’s not needed, but it is a great snack.

Andre Loden, 7th grade:

It tastes good because of the chocolate taste, and the packaging is easy to open. It tastes like peanut butter and chocolate M&Ms. I would recommend it for other people to eat.

Rachel Blechman, 7th grade:

The new chocolate Chex Mix Peanut Butter packaging is very nice. It stands out and you can easily tell what kind of Chex Mix you are buying. It smells really good, like peanut butter. It’s very crunchy and peanut buttery. I would recommend this product to all. The mixture of chocolate and peanut butter on crunchy Chex is perfect.

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