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2006 Packaging Materials Showcase

June 12, 2006
Our 2006 materials showcase wraps up the best of recent advances in adhesives, closures, labels, films, etc., into one accessible package.
Buy the adhesive; the machine is free

The company, a unit of National Starch and Chemical Co., has lowered the temperature of hot-melt box adhesive to 200°F - and is promoting that achievement by loaning out for free a $12,000 dispensing unit. The Easy-Pac system combines the first and only 200° hot-melt adhesive with an integrated application system. The lower temperature of the hot-melt eliminates charring, the most frequent cause of adhesive application malfunctions.

National Adhesives;
800-797-4992; www.nationaladh.com
Bridgewater, N.J.

Clear aseptic package

Tetra Wedge Aseptic Clear is the world's first high-barrier, totally clear aseptic package, the vendor claims. This product allows for both high- and low-acid applications, making pouch-style, shelf-stable packaging a new possibility for the dairy and soy industries. It uses aseptic processing, which seals in taste and nutrition. The 6.75-oz. package has smooth sides and no sharp edges, and is 80 percent more puncture-resistant than other stand-up pouches, making it ideal for kids' beverages.

847-955-6000; www.tetrapakusa.com
Vernon Hills, Ill.

Retortable pouch

The vendor claims new McCormick Finishing Sauces are the first sauces marketed in a retort pouch in the U.S. The microwaveable, retortable standup pouch has a structure without a foil layer but it can withstand the temperature of the retort (250°F). The result is an adhesive lamination which is (outer to inner layer) reverse printed, high-barrier polyester/ oriented nylon/polypropylene. "Cool grip" heat seals on either side of the 5- oz. pouch enable consumers to handle the package after microwaving.

Ampac Flexibles;
513-671-1777; www.ampaconline.com

Colorful casings

Available in a large variety of colors and tints, these are most widely sold plastic casings in the world. They claim to have the best diameter control and exhibit strength and durability. They feature a unique barrier film structure that improves quality and freshness while extending shelf-life. The product is available in various cling levels for smooth peel during slicing, and for casing-on slicing products such as bologna and salami.

Vector Packaging;
800-435-9100; www.vectorpackaging.com
Oak Brook, Ill.

Container decoration

Containers featuring in-mold labeling are a packaging solution for a wide array of products destined for the grocer's deli case. Recently introduced to North America, the IML process offers full photographic quality, top-to-bottom coverage and premium design. The containers are easy to open and feature the company's unique tamper-evident system. They are available in sizes from 12 oz. to 4 gal.

IPL Packaging;
800-463-4755 (USA), 800-463-7083 (Canada); www.ipl-packaging.com
Saint-Damien, Quebec

Appealing and durable

Cryovac Rollshrink gives the skin-tight appearance of a bag with the loading and productivity efficiency of a rollstock application. During packaging, the bottom web of Rollshrink material forms a pocket in which the product is loaded, then the top web is applied and vacuum-sealed. The final, tight-fitting, clear package assumes the guise of a high-end display bag with the robust characteristics of a high-abuse bag. This product is best for smaller, consumer-sized cuts of a variety of meats and cheeses.

Cryovac/Sealed Air Corp.;
800-391-5645; www.cryovac.com
Duncan, S.C.

More corn power

NatureWorks PLA cups are made from corn-based ingredients that are readily biodegradable. They look, feel and perform like traditional plastics but have multiple environmental beneifts for the consumer and the food marketer. They are made from an annually renewable, domestic resource and are 100 percent compostable in industrial facilities. Mrs. Fields Famous Brands recently introduced Breezer smoothies in the material.

NatureWorks LLC.;
952-742-0400; www.natureworksllc.com
Minnetonka, Minn.

Edible ingredient packaging

Water soluble F-100 Edible Ingredient Film is engineered specifically for unitdose packaging of dry ingredients used in mixing and batching operations. Ingredients packaged in pouches made of this product offer the convenience of using pre-measured quantities, saving production time and operating costs. Made of cellulose polymers, the film can be converted into bags or wrappers on most conventional packaging machines.

Monosol LLC;
219-762-3165; www.monosol.com
Merrillville, Ind.

Paper packaging with purity

Hygienic Food Packaging Paperboard is designed for food packaging applications where product purity and cleanliness are paramount. The clay-coated, bleached white paperboard is produced on equipment specifically designed for cleanliness (critical for food packagers) and is available in calipers ranging from 10 to 26 point. It may be manufactured with or without a polyethylene coating.

Potlatch Corp.;
208-799-1262; www.potlatchcorp.com
Lewiston, Idaho

Pack absorbs oxygen

FreshPax is an oxygen absorber to protect packaged foods and other products against spoilage, mold growth, color change, rancidity, loss of nutritive values, insect damage and loss of quality. Produced in packet form using food grade ingredients, FreshPax irreversibly absorbs oxygen inside sealed packaging to less than 0.01 percent and maintains this level.

Multisorb Technologies;
716-824-8900; www.multisorb.com
Buffalo, N.Y.

Spoilage-detecting smart label

Inspired by military defense sensor research, the FreshQ smart label detects foodborne bacteriological levels in packaged fresh meat and poultry right through the wrap. The inner portion of the quality "Q" on the label changes color when bacteria levels indicate that the food is spoiled. It is made of food grade materials and costs less than 1 percent of the total value of the food that it labels.

Food Quality Sensor International;
781-862-3710; www.fqsinternational.com
Lexington, Mass.

Lid with a-peel

EZ Peel opening technology gives consumers easier access to products while processors have the ability to control the lid's peel characteristics. Its proprietary sealant widens the lid's processing window by +/- 15°F while preventing "lock up" seals associated with other forms of peelable lidding. The retortable lid withstands the retort process while maintaining superior moisture and barrier protection.

Curwood Inc.;
920-303-7300; www.curwood.com
Oshkosh, Wis.

Economical screw cap

An economical new screw cap, the Elo-Cap US is available in a variety of colors to complement carton graphics. Dairies don't have to adjust their present cartons or filling equipment to use the product, and the cap has an inside pull-ring that makes the carton more tamper-evident. It uses resin very efficiently, so it's cost-effective even when resin prices are high.

Elopak Inc.;
248-486-4601; www.elopak.com
New Hudson, Mich.

Barrier absorbs oxygen

Shelfplus O2 oxygen absorbers are incorporated in multilayer packaging without major changes in the package design or fabrication equipment. These "active" barrier materials are able to absorb unwanted oxygen in polyolefin packaging, and they enable packaging of oxygen-sensitive products when plastic packaging is used. It's a moisture-activated system that works most effectively with products that have a relative humidity of 70 percent or higher.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals;
914-785-2000; www.cibasc.com/packaging
Tarrytown, N.Y.

Chill the beer

The vendor's Melinex film is the key to the "Cool2Go" wrap being used by Labatt Blue beer in its Cold One can, introduced last year. The wrap was created by placing a polymer insulation between two layers of Melinex. The patented process results in a thin thermal barrier that keeps beer colder longer. The added layer of insulation also makes Labatt Blue Cold One cans more comfortable to hold.

DuPont Packaging;
302-774-1161; www2.dupont.com/Packaging
Wilmington, Del.

Aseptic dispenser

Liquid can be dispensed from a flexible bag or pouch without bacteria or oxygen entering the package. With the Fresh Flow Tap, beverage, flowable foods and pharmaceutical products can be safely dispensed from flexible packages without breaking sterility, and the need for refrigeration and preservatives is reduced or eliminated. The product can travel through aseptic fillers and withstand the highest levels of irradiation and steam sterilization required by the food and beverage and medical industries.

International Dispensing;
410-761-0070; www.idcdispensing.com
Hanover, Md.

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