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Food Biz Kids: Enten-Minis Brownie Frosters

May 22, 2006
‘Chocolate and vanilla taste great together.’

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Enten-mini's, Brownie Frosters
Entenmann's Inc., Totowa, N.J.

Naomi Essomé, 7th grade:

That was the most delicious brownie I've ever tasted. The rich chocolate flavor will make you melt, just like Hershey's chocolate. The frosting is what tops it all off. I would absolutely recommend these to others.

Andre Loden, 7th grade:

Rectangular-shaped, the brownie comes wrapped in a clear wrapper, and it tastes like chocolate and whipped cream. I would probably suggest this for people who like brownies.

Misato Fukui, 7th grade:

The brownie is sweet. Chocolate filled my mouth, and then it melted away. The white frosting on top caught my attention. It tastes like vanilla. Chocolate and vanilla taste great together.

Jeremy Johnson, 7th grade:

I think it's great [Entenmann's] makes the wonderful food they do. Great job! Who ever made it, keep on going with it.

Sabrina D'Haiti, 7th grade:

I think the packaging looks very interesting, but I don't really like the name. It tastes really chocolaty; it's very rich, and the white frosting tastes like crème. This is a great product for chocolate lovers.

Brook Toland, 7th grade:

It tastes sugary, and you feel like you're in heaven. The texture is smooth and cold. It smells like mom's homemade brownies.

Xiuming Chen, 7th grade:

The brownies are great, but the frosting is a little unpleasant. Remove the frosting, and change the name! These will do great on the market.

Ana Leon, 7th grade:

These frosted brownies are delicious. Your mouth gets watery by just looking at them. They are so soft and leave your whole mouth with a delicious taste.

Dandy'elle Towns, 7th grade:

It tastes like rich creamy chocolate. The texture is crunchy, soft, chewy and smooth. It smells very chocolaty, creamy, rich going down your throat and good.

Rachel Blechman, 7th grade:

Enten-mini's brownies have a really colorful package. The colors are really bright and make me want to taste one. The brownie only has the slightest smell of chocolate, but the real chocolate chips on top make it taste really good. The frosting is sweet and sugary. I think that anyone who is not on a diet would love these, and kids would like them too.

Kira Heckathorne, 7th grade:

The package is very colorful and intriguing. The taste is very strong and chocolaty. The texture is smooth and it has chocolate chips on top. The smell is good and strong. It's a great chocolate smell and taste. These aren't needed, but they are fun to have for a snack.

Sarah Maloney-Franke, 7th grade:

I like the packaging. It's colorful and makes me want to try the brownies. The brownie is soft and chewy. The mixture of chocolate and cream tastes really good. It's really rich, but I like it.

Christian Hunter, 7th grade:

The packaging could use some work, but don't be fooled. These brownies taste really fluffy and creamy, perfect for a junk food snack. The name could be changed to something more eye-catching than Enten-mini's, but they still deserve a good review from me.

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