May 2006 Equipment Round-Up - Pumps and Valves

May 5, 2006
Hard working and versatile, these nine items represent the state-of-the-art in pumps and valves for food processing applications.

In-between size

The Universal Model 40 pump is available in clean-in-place or clean-out-of-place designs, with a displacement of 0.076 gallons per revolution. Standard port size is 2 in., pressure rating is 150 psi and flow is 45 gpm at 600 rpm. Features include standard O-ring seal, a variety of port connections, elastomers and three-way mounting. Optional are double O-ring with flush connections, single and double mechanical seals, vented or jacketed cover and stainless steel gear case.

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell;
Delavan, Wis.

Centrifugal but sanitary

High-purity centrifugal pumps have joined the vendor's sanitary product line. The new TRA400 series is available in five models in both volute and non-volute styles. Each is machined from 316L stainless steel or other high quality alloy bar and plates eliminating the problems associated with traditional castings. The Softsterile flushing system for double-seal flushing eliminates the difficult-to-inspect external piping common to other high purity centrifugal pumps. The series provides flow capacities up to 320 gpm with pressures as great as 190 psi at viscosities to 2,700 SSU with temperatures to 380°F.

Wright Pump;
Muskego, Wis.

CIP sanitary flowmeter

The Sponsler 3A Sanitary Precision Turbine Flowmeter is suitable for custody transfer of milk and other liquid products from transfer vessels. The design of the turbine allows the end user to thoroughly clean the internals without removing them from the housing. It's made of highly polished and crevice-free parts to prevent contamination and comes with a multi-point flow calibration. Sizes range from 3/4-4 in. and can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Sponsler Inc.;
Westminster, S.C.

Finding Nemo is sanitary

Nemo Sanitary and Sanitary Plus series pumps are suitable for CIP processes when provided with optional flushing connections. The pumps meet 3A, FDA and EHEDG standard requirements and can be disassembled quickly for easy cleaning. The exclusive Nemo modular pump design combined with food grade Nitrile or EPDM stators create a proven and reliable solution. In Nemo Sanitary Plus pumps, a flexible shaft replaces the normal connecting rod and pin joints, eliminating moving parts and, therefore, the need for lubrication.

Netzsch Inc.;
Exton, Pa.

Stainless iris valve

A stainless steel iris valve comes in 4-15-in. diameters. Available in both infinite position and quick lock models, the valve may be configured to meet a variety of application requirements (304 stainless steel body with 304 stainless material contact, 304 body with 316L stainless material contact, 316L body with 316L material contact). It's suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications where sanitary conditions are mandatory.

Salina Vortex;
Salina, Kan.

Cleanroom pumpheads

Easy-to-load 313D pumpheads for food and beverage processing applications are manufactured in cleanroom environments and meet ISO 9001 facility standards. Each features secure clamps that allow more clearance during loading and prevent tampering. The pumphead has no valves, is self-priming and can run dry without damage. They can be cleaned in-line at full velocity without the intrusive bypass of most other positive displacement pumps. Dismantling and further cleaning are not required.

Watson-Marlow Bredel;
Wilmington, Mass.

Progressive cavities

The 500 Series 200 motorized pumps are general utility, progressive cavity pumps for a variety of material transfer and metering applications. They are capable of handling, clean, clear fluids as well as abrasive or corrosive ones and fit in tight spaces. Their "wobble" stator increases the compression fit during operation, resulting in improved performance and life. Flow rates are to 5 gpm, pressures to 40 psi.

Moyno Inc.;
Springfield, Ohio

Brushless pump, low maintenance

The Masterflex I/P process pump features a 1/3-hp PWM brushless motor drive, roller and ball bearing construction and a non-chip, epoxy-coated IP55 washdown steel enclosure, making it suited for 24-hour continuous-duty operations. Ideal for limited-space applications, it's light enough to carry with one hand but powerful enough to drive two pump heads with any tubing formulation. The operating range is 33-650 rpm, and flow range is 0.20-4.5 gpm.

Barnant Co.;
Barrington, Ill.

Cryogenic valve

Worcester high-performance cryogenic ball valves (Series C4, C44, and C51) are shutoff valves for intermittent and continuous flow applications at temperatures to -320°F. This range of specialty valves meets the demands of tough applications involving all types of cryogens - oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia, CO2 and nitrogen. They offer automatic or manual control of cryogenic fluids with no contamination, no fluid degradation and no waste while assuring safety. They are designed for use in food manufacturing that requires flash freezing without crystallization such as frozen foods and seafood where liquid nitrogen is sprayed on seafood to avoid spoilage.

Irving, Texas

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