February 2006 Equipment Round-up - Mixing and Blending

Feb. 14, 2006
This line-up of mixing and blending equipment offers machines to fit a variety of applications and budgets.

High-shear, in-line

A new design for the company's 3A-certified In-Line mixers provides efficient and hygienic mixing. Each mixer incorporates the company's precision-engineered rotor/stator workhead, which has the capability to mix, emulsify, homogenize, solubilize, suspend, disperse and disintegrate solids and reduce processing times by up to 90 percent. They provide aeration-free mixing and easy installation. Single- and multi-stage units are available.

Silverson Machines
East Longmeadow, Mass.

At the speed of sound

The steam-driven PDX sonic processing system can mix, pump, heat, cook and homogenize simultaneously, providing up to 50 percent energy improvement and low maintenance. This novel technology enables processing that is up to 15 times faster, burn-on is eliminated, clean-up is up to 80 percent quicker and payback can come within 12 months.

Pursuit Dynamics
Darien, Conn.

Shear power

The LiquiShear provides the processing power of a bottom-entry high-speed blender, with an optional integrated powder induction system to feed powders, solids and semi-solids into the blender. On its own, the basic LiquiShear blending module is a heavier duty, higher quality and more powerful blender, using a low-maintenance double mechanical seal, a removable manway dump grid, a combination filter and vent and a CIP spray ball.

Admix Inc.
Manchester, N.H.

Liquefying solids and semisolids

The Breddo Likwifier is designed to dissolve solids or semisolids where time, temperature and complete hydration are important. Units are being used in the food industry to manufacture ice cream mixes, candies, reconstituted products, canned condiments, sauces, salad dressing, fillings and many other similar items. The following products can be processed at high concentrations and in a few minutes: stabilizing gums, emulsifiers, flours, cocoas, yeast, powdered eggs, starches, condiments, caseinates, juice concentrates, food purees, whey solids, frozen products and cheese slurries.

Breddo Likwifier div. of American Ingredients Co.
Kansas City, Mo.

Ribbon cutting

Ribbon blending tanks come in single-wall, double-wall insulated and triple-wall heated and insulated versions. Available in sizes from 50-800 gal., the tanks feature VFD controlled helical agitation, interlocked safety grates, personnel steps and hopper covers.

Hinds-Bock Corp.
Redmond, Wash.

Nitrogen bubbles

Pulsair mixing systems are designed to operate on nitrogen and to eliminate temperature and specific gravity stratification. Pulses of nitrogen are released from a plate near the bottom of a tank, creating very large bubbles that mix ingredients as they rise to the surface. This vertical, circular mixing motion quickly blends the contents of the tank into a uniform mix and can be held in suspension by subsequent pulses.

Pulsair Systems Inc.
Bellevue, Wash.

Vac and disperse

The Quadro Vac vacuum conveying system, coupled with the Quadro Y-Tron in-line ZC Powder Disperser is simple to use, highly efficient and easy to clean. The ZC 1Q provides fast and efficient transfer of powders into liquids in a single pass without lumps or fish-eyes. It eliminates dusting and environmental issues, manual labor associated with bad addition and expensive dust collection equipment.

Quadro Engineering
Millburn, N.J.


Tri-Mix Turbo-Shear can handle a variety of mixing problems from the dispersion of powders and oils to the mixing of viscous materials of more than 2.5 million CPS. The center-mounted, high-shear agitator produces speeds to 3,600 rpm, while a counter-rotating, scraped-surface agitator yields 10-50 rpm. This unique, triple concentric shaft design is especially suitable for making gels in batches of 10-1,000 gal.

Lee Industries
Philipsburg, Pa.

Greased lightnin'

The Lightnin ECL mixer is available in portable and fixed-mount versions, offering an economic solution for many mixing applications. These mixers can be moved from one application to another with little effort and no cross-contamination. With the ECL mixer comes the A310 impeller, designed specifically for low-viscosity and flow-controlled applications. The axial flow design generates up to 70 percent more flow for the same speed power.

SPX Process Equipment
Delavan, Wis.

Ram in two more

RAM, regrind auger metering, has been added to the vendor's SGBD series 900 and larger blenders. The blenders already accurately mix up to six components; RAM allows the addition of two more hard-to-meter components. Up to two RAM units can be mounted onto each blender with a 7-in. frame riser section that sits below the material hoppers. These feeders funnel into the weigh hopper with the other six ingredients from the standard slide gate, processing material between 10-2,500 lbs. per hour.

New Berlin, Wis.

A clean sweep

The Clean Sweep uses a unique impeller design that provides excellent top-to-bottom motion as well as global movement at tank walls — even when center-mounted on a cylindrical vessel without the use of internal baffles. The specially shaped blades produce thorough mixing throughout the entire vessel, yielding a homogenous mix as well as providing good off-bottom suspension of materials.

Chemineer Inc.
Dayton, Ohio

On wheels

Dynamic In-Line Mixer is a self-contained mixer on wheels that can be moved from tank to tank within a plant to provide thorough mixing before the next process step. Its patented mixing head with shear-action zones assures each batch will receive exactly the same level of processing, making batches repeatable. It eliminates the need for tank mixing and costly storage tanks.

Bemetek Systems
Beverly, Mass.

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