Food Biz Kids: Storkline Birth Announcement Popcorn

Jan. 31, 2006
The Storkline's fruit-flavored popcorn is color-coordinated to the new baby's gender: blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

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The Storkline
Owensboro, Ky.; www.thestorkline.com
"Blue" Blueberries & Cream, "Pink" Strawberries & Cream, White Chocolate

Rachel Blechman, 7th grade:

The baby birth popcorn's box is nice. The back of the package could be a little more colorful. The popcorn smells like blueberry pancakes or blueberry syrup, and I happen to love both of those. It's a pretty blue color that is appealing to all ages of boys and girls. It tastes like blueberry and cream, just like the box says it is. It's a nice present to tell people that you had a baby.

Alberto Munoz, 7th grade:

The box is very funny, even if it says for baby announcements for a boy or girl. I would buy it because it's really good. The popcorn looks really funny, and smells like blueberry. I like it.

Sabrina D'Haiti, 7th grade:

I think the blueberry popcorn packaging is very cute and creative. It tastes great - almost like Cap'n Crunch. I also think it smells a little better than it tastes. This is a very creative product, and I think a lot of people would buy it.

Claire Winter, 7th grade:

The packaging is clever, witty and appealing. I think the smell goes throughout the room, and it's an appealing smell - like blueberry pancakes. The taste is good, salty but sweet blueberry, and the texture is like regular popcorn. This product is necessary because people who are having a baby are lovers of popcorn and they will buy this.

Andrew Gillett, 7th grade:

The packaging is appealing to all ages because it's colorful for kids and has stuff for adults. It tastes like the cereal Cap'n Crunch. It looks like someone dyed the popcorn blue, and it smells like blueberries. Blueberry Popcorn should go worldwide.

Seusa Vasquez, 7th grade:

I find it very appealing. I like it because it can be a very good baby shower appetizer. It will be very appealing to my mom. It is very tasty, and blue is one of my favorite colors. They should start selling these products in the stores - it will make good money.

Samuel Rohde, 7th grade:

The outside packaging is OK because it's unique. Well, the packaging is pretty generic. It's just a normal popcorn bag, except it's blue. The appearance of it is almost revolting; it looks like moldy popcorn. The taste is normal blueberry, and the aftertaste is like cereal - Cap'n Crunch. The bad thing about it is that it leaves your mouth dry after you eat a couple, and you want water. I really don't see that it's necessary because there is other popcorn that is not sugary. I like salty popcorn better than sweet.

Misato Fukui, 7th grade:

When I first saw this colored popcorn, I thought it was just dyed popcorn. But when I put it in my mouth, I tasted this blueberry sweetness. I was surprised that it actually became tastier after I tried a couple more, because I have never tasted anything like this before. I also think the packaging is interesting, and I think other people will recognize this on shelves in the stores.

Briana McCorkle, 7th grade:

The packaging is not really appealing to people who like popcorn, but for people who like to try new things this is the right thing for them. It tastes very sweet. I like the texture because it is very unusual to see blue popcorn. The smell is so wonderful - like blueberry muffins. It's not a necessary product, so I don't think it will be very popular.

Dontrell Knighten, 7th grade:

The packaging on this product is so cool. You have blue for a boy and pink for a girl. This popcorn tastes very good, and reminds me of Cap'n Crunch cereal. This could be very necessary for the people who don't like plain or salty popcorn.

Derah Towns, 7th grade:

I think this would probably be appealing to expecting mothers and parents who just had a baby. And little kids would like it because it tastes like Fruity Pebbles, which is a good thing because those are good. I think the package is appealing and catching because of the little characters, and because you can put your baby information on the box.

Kira Heckathorne, 7th grade:

The package is appealing to many people - very bright and colorful. It catches my eye and is very interesting. It smells like blueberry candy. It tastes a little better than it smells, but it's the same flavor. The texture is like normal popcorn, crunchy and melts with water. It tastes like blueberry cereal too. I think it is necessary. It makes having a baby more exciting. It also has a very different taste that makes popcorn more flavorful. I love it!

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