January 2006 Equipment Roundup - Food Safety

Jan. 4, 2006
Maintaining outstanding food safety can be a moving target, but as this showcase demonstrates, suppliers are constantly coming up with new ammunition.
Data logger on the moveThe Hobo Pendant Logger is a miniature, low-cost data logger for monitoring temperatures during the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products. Designed to be used in a range of environments - from refrigerated trucks to ocean cargo containers - it's waterproof, has 0.5°C accuracy, can make 52,000 readings and provides high and low LED alarms.Onset Computer Corp.;
508-759-9500; www.onsetcomp.com.

Listeria in 30 hoursWith PDX-LIB, presumptive results are available for the most common Listeria spp. within 30 hours. Listeria Indicator Broth is for use on food contact surfaces to detect the presence of Listeria species. Swab the surface, add the Listeria Indicator Broth to the sample and incubate. No complicated subculturing or specimen transfers are required. A color change from yellow to brown or black is considered presumptive positive.Hardy Diagnostics;
800-266-2222; www.hardydiagnostics.com.

Antimicrobial coating

Whether specified to your equipment providers or applied yourself, Sureshield is an affordable antimicrobial coating that can be integrated to the surface of equipment. It suppresses the growth of bacteria, molds, mildew and fungus. When teamed with the Ultra-Fresh family of antimicrobial coatings, Sureshield also provides a long-lasting, fingerprint-resistant coating in numerous colors.

Horizon Business Group;
866-573-4424; www.horizonbusinessgroup.com.

Profiling tempsThe Food Tracker profiling system featuring Insight Software analyzes and documents temperature data for HACCP compliance, including lethality calculations and Fo values. Use it throughout the cook/fry/chill process. Multiple channels and rapid analysis of the collected data let you adjust cooking times for increased yield, reduced costs and improved consistency. It can record temperatures from –320° F to 750° F.Datapaq Inc.;
978-988-9000; www.datapaq.com.

Freshness stickersTimeStrip freshness indicators monitor freshness and help processors and distributors track food freshness in transit and storage. Available in two-, three-, five- and seven-day progression strips, they can be applied to food items where there is a high risk of bacteria such as seafood, poultry, meat and dairy. They are easy to apply and use and, with their strong adhesive, they can be applied to any fresh or frozen food packaging.DayMark Safety Systems;
800-847-0101; www.daymark.biz.

Bowling Green, Ohio Wilmington, Mass. Northbrook, Ill.Santa Maria, Calif. Bourne, Mass.

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