Food Biz Kids: Sunshine Cheez-It Gripz

Nov. 30, 2005
Our teenaged product testers give high honors to Sunshine Cheez-It Gripz.
Misato Fukui, 7th grade:The first words that came out of my mouth were "Oh! So tiny!" And I think that's the part I like about this product. Gripz are very small. They come in a rectangular wrapper that fits in your pocket or bag and you can carry it around. Gripz are very cheesy and crunchy. When I go to the store, I will be able to find this product because it has big orange letters that say Gripz.Kellan Hanrahan, 7th grade:The packaging is quick and efficient. It's also very convenient, because you can put a box of these in a cramped cupboard. The texture is smooth. They don't really smell like anything, but they taste great. I think Cheez-It Gripz should always be part of a kids' lunch at school and should always be in a kitchen.Alberto Munoz, 7th grade:The packaging looks cool, but you should put [on the box] how the crackers look and fit in your hand. All the people that love cheese will buy them, like me. The texture looks cool and feels funny, and they smell a lot like cheese.

Cheez-It Gripz

Keebler Foods,
a Kellogg Co.,
Battle Creek, Mich.

Brianna Spencer, 7th grade:
The package is nice and colorful. If I saw it, I'd pick it up, because I like a lot of color. It's very easy to open. I like Cheez-It Gripz and the color and the shape. But I think they are too small; one is the size of my pinky nail, and my hands are small. I love the texture. It's crunchy, but after the first bite, it's smooth and I can really taste the flavor of cheesy goodness. So, the only thing I have a problem with is the size.

Dontrell Knighten, 7th grade:
When I saw the package, I thought the color and background looked so real. Then I took my first bite, made a loud "Umm, this is good." They are small and fun to play with but are better to eat. I think everyone will like these. Gripz are truly the perfect snack.

Hannah Bielawski, 7th grade:
The Gripz are a little too bitter, but they have a lot of flavor for such a little thing. One problem is they are a little too small. The packaging is very appealing with its bright colors. I think they are very good for little kids, because the package is easy to open and they are small. They are very crunchy, which I think makes them better, and they smell good - like cheese. These Gripz are very good and will be successful.

Dhwani Jain, 7th grade:
The packaging is really cool, but the "tear here" part should be smaller because a lot of the Gripz fall out. They taste pretty good, but the smell of cheese is too strong. Overall, they're pretty good.

Julius Ross, 7th grade
Gripz taste real good and real cheesy. They are crunchy, smell like vinegar and taste like it, too.

Kenny Horwat, 7th grade:
I like the packaging; it is very appealing. They taste really good, but I think they're too little. I have to dump them all in my mouth to actually taste them. Despite their size, I think it's a good size for a snack.

Sabrina D'Haiti, 7th grade:
Cheez-It Gripz are really good. They taste like the original, only better. In a way, the size is good, but it's also bad at the same time. It's good because there are more of them. It's bad when you open the package and they fall out. It comes in a nice bright package and the back of the box is funny. They taste really cheese and salty - delicious.

Abby Bailey, 7th grade:
They are really good. The packaging is good because, since they are so small, there is a really small opening. Gripz are a little hard to pick up. A lot of people who don't like Cheez-Its will not like these, but I love these cheesy little crackers - so cool. As they crunch in your mouth, you just want to eat more! Everyone would love these - kids, grown-ups, etc.

If you have a new product you want to test on our 7th- and 8th-grade panelists, contact Diane Toops at [email protected], or 630-467-1300, ext. 321.

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