October 2005 Equipment Round-Up - Laboratory Equipment

Oct. 10, 2005
This showcase of lab equipment offers products that will help keep your R&D and QA/QC processes up to snuff.
Microemulsion processorThe M-110L Laboratory Microfluidizer processor is a CE-compliant, high-shear fluids processing system for lab volume microemulsions, cell disruption and microencapsulations. It is used for producing high yields in cell rupture with minimal processing and easy recovery. Additionally, it achieves high pressure with low air draw, which is particularly useful in the production of liposomes, injectable drugs and emollients. Standard features include a stainless steel full system enclosure, small diameter tubing, a 200 ml glass reservoir and removable circulation loops and cooling oil.Microfluidics; Newton, Mass.800-370-5452; www.microfluidicscorp.comHigh-temperature liquid chromatographAlthough the vendor is a manufacturer of aroma chemicals, it also has produced a high-temperature liquid chromatography tool to analyze the sensory characteristics of food products. LC Taste allows researchers to separate aroma chemicals and flavor chemicals from solutions using a non-toxic blend of solvents. The vendors claims this is the first time that mechanical analyses and human taste tests can be performed simultaneously on flavors and aroma compounds.Symrise; Holzminden, Germany
+49 5531-903277; www.symrise.com

Small planetary mixerThe new line of DPM-S laboratory-scale double planetary mixers is completely enclosed in stainless steel, providing safety and enhancing the look of the units. Standard features include vertical lifts, self-contained control panel, inverter duty motors, HV (high viscosity) stirrer blades, V-belt reduction drive and two-handed raise and lower controls. Sizes vary from 1 pint through 4 gallon capacity.Charles Ross and Son Co.; Hauppauge, N.Y.
800-243-7677; www.mixers.com

Mechanical pipettor

The mLine mechanical single channel pipettor family now includes the m20 pipettor for the volume range of 2- 20µl. Together with a light tip ejection force and ergonomical handle design, benefits includes reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Safety features comprise full autoclavability and tip cone filters, including a filter ejection system to prevent the contamination of the pipettor and the samples.

Biohit, Inc.; Neptune, N.J.
800-922-0784; www.biohit.com

Digital refractometersFour new PDX Series digital refractometers are now available with features including ATC (automatic temperature compensation), push-button menu-driven operation, high and low alarms and more. Applications include beverage plants, food manufacturing, confectionaries, fruit orchards, produce markets, paper mills (for stock preparation and coating application) and textile and adhesive manufacturers (for sizing and glue mixtures). Kernco Instruments Co.; El Paso, Texas
915-852-3375; www.kerncoinstr.com

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