February 2005 New Food Rollout

Jan. 27, 2005
The best new foods of 2005, out on shelves and in cupboards.
Healthier Option For Lasagna LoversLasagna lovers have a healthy option with the introduction of Boca Lasagna with Meatless Ground Burger from Boca Foods, Madison, Wis. (www.bocaburger.com), a brand of Kraft Foods Inc. Packaged in single-serve portions, the meal can go from freezer to microwave to table in about 10 minutes (45 minutes in the oven). Boca Lasagna is trans fat-free, has 55 percent less fat than regular frozen lasagna with meat sauce, is an excellent source of protein with 20 g (5 g of soy protein) per serving.Suggested retail price is $3.49.Energy to the MaxPromax Nutrition Inc., Concord, Calif., rolls out Rampage, a fusion of mind and energy-enhancing compounds in a meal-replacement bar. The nutrition bar contains caffeine, tyrosine, phenylaline (a free-form amino acid) and taurine, as well as 28 g of protein.Suggested retail price is $3.19.Crispy Flax Crackers

The Jungle, Boulder, Colo., launches Flax Crax, gourmet raw-food crackers, prepared at low temperatures to preserve enzymes and nutrients. They’re made from organic whole flaxseeds and other organic ingredients.Flavors include: Indian Curry, Jamaican Spice, Smokey Onion and Tomato Herb.Suggested retail price is $3.99 for 5 oz.Heart-healthy Chocolate Indulgence Endangered Species Chocolate Co., Talent, Ore. (www.chocolatebar.com), adds three super dark chocolate flavors to its 3-oz. chocolate bar line – the Bat Bar, Panther Bar and Chimpanzee Bar – in conjunction with newly designed labels, conservation tips for environmentally sound living and educational text about the featured animals. Dark chocolate lovers will go bats for the Bat Bar’s cocoa nibs and the high cocoa content in all three (Bat bar 75 percent, the Panther Bar 88 percent and the Chimpanzee Bar 72 percent). The company donates 10 percent of profits to various environmental and educational organizations nationwide.Suggested retail price is $2.29. Also available are Baby Bars for $1.89.Ole and IchibanCarpinteria, Calif.-based Edward & Sons add two international flavors to its wheat-free, whole grain Rice Snaps crackers line. Salsa Brown Rice Snaps and Black Sesame Brown Rice Snaps. As an accompaniment to dips and spreads, both Salsa Brown and Black Sesame Snaps are made with milled, steamed and baked organic brown rice. Salsa Brown have a savory tomato and cilantro profile and Black Sesame combine traditional Asian flavors of brown rice and brewed tamari soy sauce, smothered with roasted black sesame seeds.Suggested retail price is $2.99 to $3.79.Jolt-free JoeIf you are addicted to your morning cup, but feel like you are flying from wall to wall with every caffeine infusion, Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Teeccino Caffe Inc. (www.teeccino.com) has the prescription: brew a cup of Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee. An aromatic blend of roasted and ground carob, barley, chicory root, fruits and nuts, the beverages are completely natural, brew up the same as coffee, contain 355 mg of inulin to improve digestion and provide 65 mg of potassium. Varieties of these mock javas include: Chocolate Mint, Original, Java, Mocha, Almond Amaretto, Hazelnut and Vanilla Nut.Recommended by health care practitioners, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Christiane Northrum and Dr. Bernie Seigel, among others, Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee is made from all natural ingredients, is sugar-free and contains only 15 calories per cup. Whenever possible, organic ingredients are used.Suggested retail price is $10 for a 7-variety sampler pack.Yodel It From the MountaintopAlpen, the classic European Swiss-style muesli cereal, has a new look for the American market. As if that’s not enough, the breakfast classics now contain organic grains. Distributed by Barbara’s Bakery, Petaluma, Calif., both varieties Original (in a red box) and No Added Sugar (in a blue box) are protein-packed, contain 12 essential vitamins and minerals, are good sources of fiber and have no hydrogenated oils or trans fat.Both varieties are made from 100 percent certified organic rolled oats and organic whole wheat flakes, raisins, roasted hazelnuts and almonds.Suggested retail price for 14-oz. box is $3.89.