A pickle with crunch

May 5, 2004
Our 7th and 8th graders review Lay's Dill Pickle-flavored potato chips

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Lay's Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips

Frito-Lay Inc., Plano, TexasItamar Menuhin, 7th grade:Sounds peculiar. It looks like any ol' chips bag, with a little green on the bottom. I take a bite. Just crunchy enough and whoa! It's like a hot bath: It takes a few seconds to get used to, but then it's grand. This sure will help the snack department a lot! Darleen Williams, 7th grade:I think Pickle Chips are good. People who love pickles will love these.Clare McFadden, 7th grade:I went into this eating experience open minded, and I'm glad. Just from the name, I thought ,'Eewww! Pickle Chips? But I was proved wrong. The crunchy, salty and tangy taste is most appealing. The packaging is average, but the taste makes up for it. I would recommend them to another, but I would not ask my mom for them. I prefer salt and vinegar. Skye Litten, 8th grade:I like the packaging, but more people would buy them if there weren't a lot of air in the bag. They smell like vinegar and taste OK. I'm not a pickle person, but I like them. This product will do well because of pickle lovers.Pollock Anders, 8th grade:It's really just an average bag of chips. The smell is pretty gross, way too sour to be chips or pickles. They taste more like vinegar than dill pickles. Where did they get the idea that pickles were vinegar-sour? The whole point of pickles is their crisp, moist saltiness, not weird, unidentifiable smelly chip saltiness. As for the texture, there is nothing different about that. The world does not need this product. Why not just eat a real pickle? It's about 20 times better than this flavored imitation.Maddy Norris, 8th grade:I love these chips. The bright green bag lets customers know exactly what's inside. The chips taste like pickle, which sounds disgusting but isn't. My advice to Lay's is go easy on the vinegar. The chips are a brand new flavor that has never been done. They will be an interesting opportunity for people who are sick of the same old chip flavors. With this variety, you either love them or you hate them. The saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover" should be kept in mind when trying these chips. Josh Sandler, 8th grade:These Lay's Dill Pickle chips are a crime against potato chips everywhere! They are nasty. Just think, they could have been BBQ.Earl Glick, 8th grade:The packaging is standard for Lay's. They smell like mayonnaise, but actually taste like a pickle. The world needs this product now. Frito-Lay, I love you!Ester Ramirez, 7th grade:Dill Pickle Chips are good for a snack, but not for real food. These chips are tasty and crunchy and salty. They're good for a party and for activities such as listening to music. They don't have many vitamins, but you can just eat them as a snack.David Bleckman, 8th grade:These potato chips are very good. They really do taste like a crunchy dill pickle with vinegar. The packaging is appealing to the eye. Frito-Lay could definitely do very well with this delicious snack. It would be very cool if they made the potato chips green.

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