Product Round-Up: Instrumentation & control

Sept. 21, 2004
Probes, monitors, sensors, gauges--they're lined up for readers' review and inspection
Distributed starter for washdownsFood and beverage processors and system-level users who spend excessive amounts of time configuring and installing motor starters into existing applications now have a cost-effective, time-saving solution. The Allen-Bradley ArmorStart distributed starter is a pre-engineered, pre-configured combination motor starter that requires no additional enclosures and features a modular, plug-and-play design for quick and reliable installation. Since a traditional enclosure is not required, the starter can be quickly and easily mounted on the machine near the motor. The integrated, machine-mount design uses fewer cables, which simplifies wiring, minimizes panel space requirements, and allows faster and more accurate connections.Rockwell Automation; Bloomington, Minn.800-223-5354 x1630; www.rockwellautomation.comVortex for mass measurementTwo new instruments, the Prowirl 72 and Prowirl 73, join the Proline family of vortex flow measurement devices. They measure steam, gas and liquid, even in hazardous areas. They provide reliable and safe mass measurements using patented Differential Switched Capacitor sensor technology. The units are immune to vibrations up to 1g, extreme temperature shocks, clogging, water hammer and high pressures. The 73 model introduces direct mass measurement without the need of an additional thermometer and flow computer. Endress+Hauser; Greenwood, Ind.317-535-7138;
Moisture analyzer finds the best methodThe HR83 halogen moisture analyzer is particularly useful for method development and regulation compliance. It combines a precision-regulated halogen radiator with the company’s proven weighing technology. The unit allows the user to specify the reference point, then automatically performs repeat sample runs until the optimum method is found to give the correct results for a given sample. It includes a GLP/GMP-compliant reporting mechanism. Mettler Toledo; Columbus, Ohio614-438-4511; is sensor is unbreakable
The Durafet III pH electrode is a non-glass and unbreakable ISFET-based pH sensor. Featuring a new Vario Pin watertight connection, it provides fast, accurate and dependable pH measurements. A sanitary version is available to meet 3A standards for food and dairy, pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The new IP68-rated Vario Pin connector assures a watertight cable connection, enabling easy and reliable electrode replacement without twisting cables. The probe eliminates problems commonly associated with conventional glass electrodes such as: frequent probe replacement due to breakage; slow response due to probe aging; frequent calibration; and limited temperature and pH range. Honeywell Industrial Measurement and Control; Fort Washington, Pa.215-641-3798;
Level in vivid colorLevelStar is a bi-color LED indicator for the Magnicator II line of magnetic level gauges. It uses a patent-pending design and technology to deliver clear-across-the-plant visibility in both day and night conditions. The vivid level lights provide a long field of view and have a continuous service life that exceeds 80,000 hours. There are no mechanical or moving parts and the units are field-upgradeable. Jerguson; Strongsville, Ohio440-572-1500; www.clark-reliance.comReading temps by satelliteThe company has developed a real-time data management system that links its RFID-based Tempasure temperature monitoring system with GPRS and satellite technology, allowing processors, transportation companies and retailers to track perishable and temperature-sensitive products and monitor conditions anywhere in the world, in real time, through an internet portal.Syscan International; Montreal613-762-4262;

FM approved for level
The FM-approved LS 5000 Series level switches for liquid applications, including those in food processing, have a rugged tuning fork measuring system. It is unaffected by product variations in density, conductivity, dielectric constant or viscosity and is insensitive to foam, air bubbles, turbulence, pressure and temperature variations, strong external vibrations or varying products. Other features include simple set-up without adjustment and integrated fault monitoring. Certain models have surfaces especially polished for applications in hygienic industries. Krohne; Peabody, Mass.978-535-6060; www.krohne.comPlug and play temp sensors
Infosense-P plug and play sensors improve the accuracy of thermocouples by three times, RTD sensors by 10 times, the vendor claims. They provide a high level of accuracy and convenience through automatically linking the customer’s application to the vendor’s NIST-traceable calibration lab. The sensors incorporate an EEPROM memory chip, preprogrammed with each sensor’s part number, manufacturing information, and full range temperature calibration. Using IEEE 1451.4 technology, when a sensor is wired or connected to IEEE 1451.4 compatible electronics, the controller accesses the information provided and performs a full high-order curve fit to correct for all known error. Watlow; St. Louis800-492-8569;
Colorimeter inspectsThe stand-alone, handheld CR-400 is a colorimeter that measures samples, compares to targets, displays data, stores up to 1,000 readings and interfaces with a PC or the vendor’s DP-400 processor. It offers pulsed Xenon, d/0° measurement geometry, plus choice of 8mm or 50mm aperture models. It measures color using up to six user- or industry-specific color indices, and reads color and color difference for 14 standard color scales. Konica Minolta; 888-473-2656; www.konicaminolta.usTemperature and humidity sensor
The HS-2000 sensor combines capacitive-polymer sensing technology with a novel measurement method, eliminating the need for temperature correction and calibration by the user. The factory-calibrated sensor, which includes a thermistor and circuitry to correct for temperature and calculate true relative humidity, provides both humidity and temperature outputs and is accurate to +/- 2%. The digital version, priced at less than $20 in volume, communicates via an RS232 link. Analog versions are available with a 4-20 mA or 0-5 volt output. Precon Inc.; Memphis, Tenn.901-388-9137;
Keep an eye on wastewaterThe 3300 series ultrasonic flow monitoring system provides high-accuracy flow measurement especially for water treatment and wastewater streams. The use of Doppler ultrasound technology and advanced spectrum signal processing measures the entire flow stream. It operates from a 9 VDC power source or AC power using a converter, plus there’s an optional solar panel. A vandal-resistant dual-password system allows for local or remote downloading of data. George Fischer Signet; Tustin, Calif.800-854-4090; www.gfsignet.comGripping temp probes
Six new temperature probes have been added to the SureGrip line. Designed for plant and laboratory technicians who use digital thermometers, the new line includes probes for taking measurements of air, liquids, large surfaces, small areas and insulation-covered surfaces. The 80PK-22, for instance, is an immersion temperature probe for use in liquids or gels, is compatible with K-type instruments, and has a range from -40° to 1090° C. Fluke Corp.; Everett, Wash.888-492-7542;
Instant surface tempsThermoTrace waterproof low-temp infrared thermometer, Model 15006-40, is completely waterproof (IP67 compliant) and can be washed and sanitized. It is especially well suited for uses in the food industry because of its temperature display range, -40° F to 428° F (-40° C to 220° C), useful for instant, surface temperature screening of food during hot holding, in chilled displays and refrigerated storage for HACCP and food safety procedures. It is also a diagnostic tool for refrigeration technicians, and can be used to read temperatures of moving parts or to check surfaces in hard-to-reach places. Features include normal or continuous reading mode, a memory function that holds up to 99 points of temperature data, and a 15:1 field of view with laser sighting of an object as small as 2.6 inches. DeltaTrak; Pleasanton, Calif.800-962-6776; www.deltatrak.comNon-intrusive level gaugeThe non-intrusive design of the MagnaStar magnetic liquid level gauge provides accurate level readings while protecting operators from high pressure and high-temperature fluids in a tank, process vessel or boiler. The rugged design minimizes operating costs by eliminating downtime due to leaks or required maintenance. The gauge has no glass tube to replace or multiple gaskets to maintain. The two-color indicator, easily read from a distance, is mounted on the gage chamber but completely isolated from the process fluid. L. J. Star Inc.; Twinsburg, Ohio330-405-3040;
Portable hygrometerThe Hygro-Thermometer is a small, portable, multifunctional data logger that can take up to 15,000 humidity, temperature, dew point and wet bulb measurements. Time- and date-stamped data is available in list or graph form using the supplied Windows-compatible software. The meter provides real-time measurements of two customer-selected parameters on its large LCD display. It’s suitable for monitoring any space where these measurements are critical, including many food plant applications. Telatemp Corp.; Fullerton, Calif.714-879-2901; www.telatemp.comMake sense of oxygenOxySense 4000 is a noninvasive oxygen measurement sensor with built-in processor and automatic infrared temperature sensor. Using optical technology, it measures oxygen concentrations within containers, bottles and packages without puncturing or destroying the seal. Multiple measurements can be made over time on the same package, producing more accurate results with fewer containers and at a lower cost, making the system ideal for R&D, quality control and shelf-life studies. It is fully portable and self-contained, has an integrated 8.4-in. display and standard PC keyboard and mouse. OxySense Inc.; Dallas 214-575-7600;
Measure powder granulesThe Powder Flow Analyzer is a system for accurately measuring the flow properties of powder granules and wet mixes. It helps manufacturers of food and nutraceuticals to avoid common problems such as batch and source variation of ingredients, caking during storage, bridging in hoppers and sticking during production. Rapid analysis of ingredients, blends and finished products, as diverse as flours, dried fruits, pulses, herbs and milk powder can be measured. The patented blade causes controlled flow and can be mathematically described, negating the need for complex torque measuring systems. Stable Micro Systems/Texture Technologies; Scarsdale, N.Y.914-472-0531;

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