For the Floor: Mixing & blending products

Sept. 17, 2004
Bench-top but powerfulThe new Model 100LCI high shear mixer is designed to be a versatile bench-top laboratory mixer. It has the most powerful and versatile rotor/stator mixer ever built for the laboratory, the company claims. A power lift makes raising and lowering the mix head easy. Standard features include: percent of load indication; timer; temperature probe; variable speed control – 1 percent between 500 and 10,000 rpm; four interchangeable stator heads; type 316 stainless steel wetted parts; and 1 hp NEMA 12 drive, single or three phase, with many voltage options.Charles Ross & Son; Hauppauge, N.Y.800-243-7677; www.mixers.comSmall, sanitary batchesThe BRX mixer for low-shear, high-flow applications was developed in conjunction with a leading pharmaceutical protein manufacturer, making it suitable for sanitary and research environments, including food & dairy, where small, valuable batches require Triclover mounting. Applications include solids suspension, blending, chemical reactions and promoting batch uniformity. It’s economical and compact, and the modular design can accommodate from 1/8 – 1 hp motors. It’s suitable for batch sizes between 20-250 liters.Cleveland Eastern Mixers; Clinton, Conn.860-669-1199; www.emixers.comPolished for sanitaryThe Ytron jet mixer is now available in an all-stainless steel design, including motor and bearing housing. All contact parts are mechanically polished to specification and electropolished when required. The sanitary (CIP)-designed mixers have no bushings, bearings or seals that come in contact with the product, making it suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications.Quadro Inc.; Milburn, N.J. 973-376-1266; www.quadro.comEasy-to-clean mixerThis continuous mixer offers a one-piece paddle arrangement within a clam-shell barrel for easy cleaning. It can be disassembled and reassembled in 30 minutes. The all-stainless steel mixer has a 32 micro-inch surface finish and is USDA approved.Readco Manufacturing; York, Pa.717-848-2801; www.readco.comMixing and cookingBottom-driven processing vessels can be used for cooking or cooling while also mixing and blending various products in atmospheric, vacuum or pressure conditions. They deliver 30 percent better mixing action while allowing no dead spots either at the bottom or around the shaft. No contamination will occur from gearbox fluids since it is a bottom-drive design. These units also can include a tip-out design to allow difficult flowing products to be easily removed.Terlet; Pennsauken, N.J.856-317-9960; www.terlet.comSanitary colloid millsZ-Series sanitary colloid mills ore offered in a variety of models to produce ultra-fine particle size reduction and sub-micron dispersions and emulsions of varying viscosities. Featuring a milling head that requires no special assembly tools and can be CIPed, their rotor/stator gap adjustment is isolated from the process area and is fully adjustable during operation. They are suitable for laboratory, pilot plant, and production use.Bematek; Beverly, Mass.978-927-2179; www.bematek.comMetering pumpsThe Lewa Series M900 diaphragm pumps are a line of highly accurate, low- and high-capacity metering and mixing pumps for batch and continuous flow applications. They have pump heads with sealless PTFE diaphragms that provide +-0.5 percent accuracy and better than 99.7 percent repeatability to assure continuous, accurate and repeatable mixing of color and flavor concentrates, for example. American Lewa; Holliston, Mass.888-539-2123;

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