Food Biz Kids: Short on flavor?

Feb. 16, 2004
New Newtons leave a bad aftertaste

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Nabisco Newtons Snackable Dessert Cookies , Strawberry Shortcake

Kraft Foods Inc., Northfield, Ill.

Luke Rehage, 8th grade:

The concept of strawberry shortcake is not a bad idea. In fact, it's a good idea. The Newton just needs a little fine-tuning. It smells great, but the taste could be fixed. It's very dry in your mouth and doesn't leave the best aftertaste. The packaging is good, with an appealing picture of strawberry shortcake and has bright colors all around. I think the world needs a product like this , not this exactly, but like it.

Rachel Scheid, 8th grade:

I think Strawberry Shortcake Newtons taste strawberry sweet, with a strawberry filling and a thin layer of cream cheese. The packaging explains everything correctly and the yellow color is sure to attract people. It tastes like strawberry shortcake ,sweet and yummy. The texture is gooey and sticky. I don't think the world needs it, but hey, if you want a sweet snack, grab a Newton.

Evan Policape, 8th grade:

The packaging (for Newtons) hasn't changed in I don't know how long. The taste is sick and the smell is unpleasant. The texture is soft and pleasing, but when you bite into it, the cream seeps into your mouth. It tastes like pudding.

Cass Nichols, 8th grade:

Newtons Strawberry Shortcake tastes terrible. They are dry, chewy and artificial. The substance they use to represent strawberry feels and tastes like toothpaste. The cookie itself is very good. But, the strawberry substance dominates the whole cookie; therefore you do not get to taste the cookie. I was disappointed. I rate it 4.5 out of 10.

Ariana Dennison, 7th grade:

The packaging looks cool. It tastes really good. The inside of the Newton looks nice; the texture is really soft. The softness of the Newton is really good for toddlers when they need something to snack on.

Amy Wheeler, 8th grade:

When I first saw the package, I thought it would be really good. The bright yellow package caught my eye. However, the packaging did not mirror the product's taste. My first bite was fine, but when I reached the white creamy filling that all turned around; it was sour and bitter and left an unflattering taste in my mouth. I do think the world needs this. It didn't appeal to me, but it might appeal to others. It's one of those snacks you have to be in the mood for.

Sam Abonce, 8th grade:

The packaging is hard to open. It smells really bad. The taste at the beginning is good, but then you hit the filling. It makes the whole dessert taste bad. I don't think we need a product like this.

Gabriel Jacobs, 7th grade:

This smells nice and tastes good too. However, it tastes annoyingly artificial and sweet. It will probably be successful.

Rosalina Perez, 8th grade:

The packaging isn't too appealing. The yellow reminds me of a school bus, and it is too cluttered. The taste isn't too bad. It's sweet, but not too sweet. I think they will sell, but there is a lot of stuff like this already.

Sylvia Friedman, 7th grade:

The packaging is basically fine. The taste of the filling is OK, but the outside (cookie) is sort of disgusting and gets stuck in your mouth. The overall taste is not great, and the aftertaste is horrible and lasts forever. Despite my views on the product, I think it's a good idea. With a little textural help on the cookie part, it could be quite nice.

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