Food Biz Kids: A cookie holding ice cream

Dec. 27, 2004
More sugar, softer texture and better flavor would take Cookie Cones to the next level.
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By Diane Toops, News & Trends EditorNoah Korman, 7th grade:When I first picked up the Cookie Cone, it was heavy, but who cares? It’s basically an M&M cookie as a cone. It is excellent and would make a fine addition to ice cream. I personally would get this product.Erika Freihofer, 7th grade:Cookie Cones have a crunchy, sweet cookie taste. It’s firm and will hold ice cream well. The package appeals to me, and I anticipated what was inside the colorful container. As I bit into the crunchy ice cream holder, it tasted sweet and favorable. The texture is crunchy and dry, which I think could use improvement, but I prefer it to the average sugar cone. I especially approve of the firm container, which will prevent the cones from getting crushed, which I can’t say about the average cardboard box. I think this product is a great idea, but is up for some improvements.
Cookie Cones, Baked with Minis Chocolate Candies
The Cone Guys Ltd., Philadelphia
Alex Block, 7th grade:While the packaging may be appealing, I can’t imagine these heavy, thick pieces of dough complementing ice cream. These cones appeal to me, but after a close examination, they seem too thick and plain. More sugar, a softer texture and better flavor would skyrocket this product to the next level. Little kids will like these, but older kids will be scared off by the dull taste. Charlie Killheffer, 7th grade:The cone tastes just like a cookie! It has [M&M-like candies] in it, and is very heavy. I’m sure it tastes better with ice cream, but it’s still very good. The packaging looks sort of fruity, but it’s a little appealing. I would suggest making the can black with a picture on it.Sally Decker, 7th grade:This cone seems like a good idea, but the texture is too hard – like a cookie. This product would appeal a lot to little kids, especially the colorful packaging, but I would highly recommend editing the ingredients first to get a softer texture.Chase Langston, 7th grade:Well, I think it’s a bit too colorful – like a rainbow – but you’re not trying to sell a rainbow. Add a bit more flavor. I think it tastes like a fortune cookie with [M&M-like candies].Roberto Flores, 7th grade:The packaging is very colorful and I would definitely buy it. They taste like fortune cookies with M&Ms, but they still taste good. They don’t need anything but bigger candy. This product will absolutely, without doubt, make a lot of money in stores. Eric Miller, 7th grade:The packaging catches your eye. I would definitely ask my mom to buy it. It tastes great, but there are two flaws. It needs texture – like a waffle texture. Also it needs a much better name. I give this product an 8 out of 10. Cialy Mydel Santos, 7th grade:When I first saw the packaging, my mouth immediately started to water. The color and design look real creative and would capture anyone’s eye – especially little kids. The package isn’t hard to open, and I’m real glad they put plastic between the cones so they won’t break. In terms of taste, it’s way too thick to chew, too bland and needs more sugar.Sura Antolin, 7th grade:The packaging is easy to notice and open, but I wanted to cover my eyes from the brightness. It tastes like cookies with M&Ms and vanilla. It leaves an almost sour aftertaste, however. It’s a bit crunchy, but softer than most cones. Although pretty good tasting, it might be better sold as cookies. Also there could be more chocolate. The packaging is misleading, seeing how many chocolate bits are on the front, compared to what’s in the actual cone.Shannon Kelly, 7th grade:The package is very colorful and simple to open and the cone looks very appetizing – like an M&M cookie in the shape of a cone. I think it would be a very good product to have in stores because it tastes good and it’s like an extra treat after the ice cream. I would even eat this instead of the ice cream. It’s not too hard to chew, and the cone is smooth and colorful from the [M&M-like candies].Editor's Note: The candy pieces in this product are not real M&Ms.

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