For the Floor -- Food safety products

Nov. 16, 2004
"Safety" comes in many forms, from track-and-trace products to protective gear and from signage to immunoassays
For your perusing pleasure, the staff of Food Processing presents the following products geared to food and personal safety:Label sticks to your ribsIntended for use by slaughterhouses, meat processors and meat packers, the Carcass Label simplifies the task of dating and coding perishable items. FDA-compliant for direct contact with aqueous and fatty food, the product helps track information for HACCP requirements. The 3- x 5-in. label is pre-printed with lot number, kill date and weight, with space to write in the appropriate corresponding information. The Carcass Label is intended to adhere to fresh, fatty meat, which may be warmed or cooled, but not frozen. It also may be placed on a large slab of meat before wrapping or on beef or pork before it is broken down.DayMark Food Safety Systems; Bowling Green, Ohio800-847-0101; temperature complianceFood Tracker profiling system featuring Insight Software analyzes and documents temperature data for HAACP compliance, including lethality calculations and Fo values. Rapid analysis of the collected data lets you adjust cooking times for increased yield, reduced costs and improved consistency. The vendor claims this is the only multi-channel method of measuring the actual product and ambient temperature throughout cook/fry/chill processes. Consisting of the MultiPaq21 data logger, stainless steel thermal barriers, Insight Software and thermocouples specially designed for food, the system can record product and oven/fryer/freezer temperatures up to 750°F/1370°C and down to -320°F/-150°C.Datapaq Inc., Wilmington, Mass.978-988-9000; safety messagingPatent-pending Displayguard safety information systems merge a protective steel barrier guardrail with a highly visible computer-directed electronic display to transit safety, emergency and shipping information immediately to plant operating personnel. Readable at 200 ft., the electronic display can be retrofitted in an existing guardrail layout or incorporated as an enhancement. The Windows-based software is easily installed on desktop computers or networks.Herwin Inc.; Rillton, Pa.800-868-5438; www.displayguard.comDisposable temperature indicatorKoolWatch is a disposable electronic temperature indicator. Customized to precise time-temperature requirements, it alerts the user when and at what temperature the food product has gone above or below its intended temperature range. Weighing in at only 0.5 oz., KoolWatch is accurate, easy to use, compact and disposable. It is programmed by the vendor to customer-specified parameters. Each indicator features excursion fields that, if chosen, allow the indicator to “trip” only if it exceeds a time-out-range or outer-boundary temperatures.Cold Chain Technologies; Holliston, Mass.508-429-1395; screening for listeriaRapidChek for Listeria test system has AOAC-RI approval and claims to be the first to offer a single enrichment media for food samples. An immunoassay, the system employs a combination of listeria antibodies. The test is used in combination with a single proprietary enrichment broth for a rapid 40-hour test with no transfer. The system consists of two components -– a base powder and a supplement powder –- that can be mixed with sterile water for immediate use. Results appear on the test strip after 10 minutes.Strategic Diagnostics; Newark, Del.302-456-6789; instrument lineThis instrument vendor enters the food industry with a line of hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) instrumentation. The line includes bi-metal thermometers, temperature data loggers, digital and IR thermometers, chart recorders, calibrators, process temperature indicators, pH and conductivity measurement and inspection patrol systems for monitoring and verification of all food processing, preparation and storage requirements.Yokogawa Corp. of America; Newnan, Ga.770-254-0400; in a cartridgeThe P3010 is a multi-stage ejector vacuum pump featuring the vendor’s patented Coax technology, an ejector technology based on a multi-stage concept for creating vacuum with compressed air. Coax integrates the internal components of a multi-stage vacuum pump into a vacuum cartridge. The result is a smaller, more efficient, more reliable and highly flexible technology that allows users to design a modular system. The P3010 is suitable for a variety of packaging applications.Piab Vacuum Products; Hingham, Mass.800-321-7422; www.piab.comA cut aboveOnions, carrots and tomatoes are an important part of many recipes, but chopping them can be hazardous. Lightweight KutGuard cut-resistant gloves provide a higher level of cut resistance, a better fit, increased comfort, greater touch sensitivity and increased dexterity. With DoubleGuard anti-microbial protection guaranteed to last for the life of the glove, it offers a higher level of sanitation. The wireless glove is available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes. Color-coded for HACCP programs in six hues, the gloves are washable and bleachable.Tucker Safety Products; Colorado Springs, Colo.719-527-4848;