From the Bench: Flavors

Oct. 1, 2004

From the bench: Flavors

Lime is the key

As with all the citrus flavors, lime products remain popular. There is an increased demand for authenticity in ingredients, and natural fractions like Lime HV can meet these requirements. A natural specialty fraction, Lime HV gives beverage products a powerful, fruity flavor. Extracted entirely from lime, it’s 100 percent natural and FTNF. A highly volatile fraction, it provides intense, well balanced lime notes at extremely low dosage rates – 1 ppm and less in finished product. It can also be used with other citrus creations such as lemon to add a “twist.”

Treatt USA; Lakeland, Fla.

Pomegranate in many forms
A complete line of pomegranate-based derivatives includes dry seed extract, dry peel extract, fermented juice extract and cold-pressed seed oil. Pomegranate derivatives contain the highest concentrations of natural ellagic acid, anthocyanidins and other polyphenolic compounds. Studies indicate these are powerful free radical scavengers, the main cause of the body’s aging characteristics. Pomegranate oil also contains a unique conjugated fatty acid which medical researchers have found lowers LDL cholesterol.
Morre-Tec Industries;
Union, N.J.
Improved cranberries

The supplier announces improved Soft and Moist Sweetened Dried Cranberry (SDC), with a brighter color and fuller shape. The company claims the cranberry is visually more appealing and brings extra juiciness to products. They are suited to a variety of bakery, confectionery, snack and cereal applications. The sugar-infused, dehydrated fruit with a sweet/tart flavour can be sliced to various dimensions and the texture and moisture content modified according to customers' needs.

Sales of cranberries have been boosted by the approval of a health claim for cranberries in France that they “help reduce the adhesion of certain E. coli bacteria to the urinary tract walls.”

Ocean Spray ITG; Cheshire, England508-923 3216; www.oceansprayitg.comNO PIC
More pomegranate
This vendor’s pomegranate flavor reoplicates the taste contained in the aril seed of the pomegranate.These tiny sacs fo fruit juice are responsible for the pomegranate’s distinctive sweet and tangy flavor. Pomegranate is a significant souice ofd antioxidants, is high in [potassium, Victamin C aned some of the B vitamins.Symrise Inc.; Teterboro, N.J.
www.symrise.comNO PIC
Vivid flavors
Innovative sensory and analytical techniques were employed to create a full line of Vivid Flavors. The line includes peach, Concord grape,
Fuji apple, strawberry and raspberry. The company’s award-wining chiral chemistry was employed to bring out subtleties in aroma and taste so that each delivers the taste of real fruit.
Takasago International; Rockleigh, N.J.201-767-9001;

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