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Food Biz Kids: Do gummy candies need to be organic?

Sept. 21, 2004
‘These worms should be brighter and smell good.’
Asher Stamell, 7th grade:Right away, I am drawn in by the bright purple color of the packaging. Also, I like the fact that it is fat-free. This tells me that it is probably made for the teenage or adult buyer. Although I don’t like the sticky texture of the worms, I enjoyed the soft tingling taste that was left on my tongue. The sour taste kept me wanting more.
Sour Gummi Worms Organic Candy
Edwards & Sons Trading Co. Inc., Carpinteria, Calif.
Claire Z. McFadden, 7th grade:My eyes scrunched up and I smacked my lips twice. The sour organic gummy worms were acerbic and very strong. I flipped the old-fashioned package over and scanned the ingredients. Spinach powder?!? Well that sounds gross, but it’s pretty cool that this candy is organic. I took another bite. Once again, I was hit with a burst of flavor; the sharp sour scent filled my nose. All in all, these are okay if you are on a healthy diet. They would be a very good treat, but I would rather find chocolate in my lunch any day.Adenike Akapo, 7th grade:It tastes like you’re eating dirt; I don’t like the aftertaste. They are squishy and hard. The packaging is appealing, but the food inside is nasty. They aren’t hard to open, but you really wouldn’t want to buy them. You should sell these to a vegetarian. Gabriel Jacobs, 7th grade:I like this product. These taste very good, but the smell and appearance is dubious. The packaging is very good. I think that the spinach powder should be eliminated.Fanicia Howard, 7th grade:Oh yeah, definitely sour. These are also sweet but have a distinctive smell and taste. The packaging may make it easy to sell, but I don’t know if people will like organic gummy worms. To be honest, I wouldn’t buy this product until it became a big seller.Katherine Reifler, 7th gradeI don’t really like the taste of the worms. They are too dense and sour. I think the wormsshould be a little bit smaller. And they are too firm for my taste. I think gummy worms should be gummy. The worm doesn’t really smell like anything; I think it should smell sour. The packaging is not very appealing, but it’s not hard to open. I think the colors should be brighter to attract attention. The worm itself is ugly. It needs to be brighter. I think adults would buy this product because it is organic. Kids don’t really care if things are organic or not. They go for the colorful foods.Amber Allen, 7th grade:I think the gummy worms have a nice sour taste. Not too sour, but not too sweet. The taste is tarty and sweet. The texture is very gooey and sticky as well as soft. Although these taste good, the smell isn’t very appetizing. The packaging isn’t very original either, but I think that little children will buy it, if they don’t know what organic means.Itamar Menuhin, 7th grade:I look at the Sour Gummi Worms and I am not impressed. No pictures, it looks squarish and boring — and hard to open. No smell. No thanks! It is acerbic with a little sweety tinge. Finally, something nice! It is smooth and easily chewed. This is good! Children won’t like the lack of pictures, and adults are beyond this stuff. The few teenagers who aren’t thrown off by the packaging will find something amazing.Ester Ramirez, 7th grade:They are really sour, soft-chewy, sticky and smell like lemon. The packaging is appealing because it’s easy to open. Children and teenagers would buy this product because they like sour, soft and chewy stuff.Melanie Rivera, 7th grade:The package is boring; it looks like some cheap 50-cent candy bag. When I first put the worm in my mouth, it tasted extremely sour. It was sort of hard to chew and got stuck in my teeth. The smell is deliciously fruity. I think it’s a clever idea and isn’t just another junk food.Chris Graham, 7th grade:These taste very sour, as they should. The aftertaste is not nearly as good as the first taste, but they’re not bad. They are very soft, not chewy like the non-organic gummy worms. They don’t smell very good and aren’t packaged very appealingly, but are easy to open. Teenagers are likely to be repelled by the fact that they are organic, but children or adults might like them.If you have a new product you want to test on our seventh-and eighth-grade panelists, contact Diane Toops at [email protected], or (630) 467-1300, ext 321.

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