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April 15, 2003
Best Ice-Scream I ever tasted
Dippin' Dots, "World's coldest ice-cream, flash frozen" Varieties: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream with Oreo, Cotton Candy and Banana Split

Dippin' Dots Inc.

Paducah, Ky.

Marc Hudson, 8th grade:

I think that these are great. The cold-ness hits your mouth and refreshes you; it is so good I could scream. I think the packaging is great and love the logo. The packaging should come in different sizes. The texture is great. I love how it sticks to your tongue and melts in your mouth ,- it's ,'truly great.' This product is necessary. If they opened a store nearby, kids would go all the time. This is truly the best Ice-Scream I've tasted.

Anne Marie Williams, 8th grade:

Who wakes up in the morning and decides to transform ice cream into tiny balls of melt-in-your-mouth cream? Dippin' Dots! Although the cookies ,'n' cream flavor looks like plant fertilizer, it really does taste like ice cream, However, the consumer does lose the effect of flavor combination ,- any added pieces (like crumbled cookie) are separate and do not easily mix with the dots. But the dots do their job; they are futuristic ice cream that maintains flavor and even tastes good!

Mike Perkins, 8th grade:

These are great. They taste like cookie dough, just without the salmonella. They look cool and taste even better. However, I do think that you could improve the packaging. I think this food item will sell well because of its uniqueness. The world needs something like this. It should come with a better utensil to eat it with.

Elizabeth Wall, 8th grade:

At first glance, the tiny pellets look like freeze-dried ice cream, a rare treat for astronauts far from dessert. To counter the space age appearance, the packaging uses soft friendly colors. Consumers may be tentative toward eating something space age and out of the norm. It remains hard on the tongue, then quickly melts to a tacky chew, then to a melty, creamy taste ,- almost exactly like melted vanilla ice cream. A square piece of cookie dough awaited my approval amidst a sea of milky pebbles, Cookie dough? Not anything that resembles the characteristics of dough; the texture doesn't melt, needs to be bitten, tastes of frost bitten strawberries in a hail of sugar and flour. The chocolate flavor has apparently returned to the Inca in South America. The idea is revolutionary, a hail of ice cream -- although better used as hail than ice cream.  

Matt Guth, 7th grade:

Dippin' Dots packaging is sort of attractive. The taste is amazing! Cookies ,'n' Cream is very good. I would eat this any time of the day. The texture is very nice; it's so good when you feel it melt in your mouth. It should be put out on the market in a second!

Charlotte Cottier, 7th grade:

Banana Split Dippin' Dots are addictive. I love them. It really tastes like a real banannah split! Yummm!

Dominique Spruill, 8th grade:

Ohh, my God. Dippin' Dots is a 10 , the texture too raw for the law; wouldn't NOBODY make ice cream like that! The banana split is so good; you can taste everything that is in banana splits. The little cup is appropriate for the ice cream.

Jacob Rohde, 7th grade:

The logo is creative and simple at the same time. The slogan, ,'Ice Cream of the future' is creative because Dots are unique from other ice cream. The taste is delicious. It tastes like ice cream, but even better. The texture is what gives Dots its taste. The little balls don't stay cold long, but if you eat them fast they are Delicious. I think Dippin' Dots are necessary because something good should be necessary to everyone in the world.

Grant Robertson, 7th grade:

Dippin' Dots and the packaging are really good. It has a really good texture and, when it melts in your mouth, it makes a good smoothie.

Ellie Tennant, 7th grade:

I absolutely LOVE Dippin Dots. The texture is perfect and I really like how they melt in your mouth. The packaging is also very appealing, so people will definitely buy it, Good Job!

Staccy Gill, 8th grade:

I think Dippin' Dots are brilliant. I love the person who made it. I love the ice cream. I could eat it all day.

Jack Killheffer, 8th grade:

I'm sure this product would sell very well if it was sold regularly. Unlike ice cream, the shapes of the little balls stay colder and don't melt in your cup. This product has an appealing and colorful packaging. Because of its ability to stay cold, it tastes better than ice cream. When in your mouth, the texture is only something you can experience w/Dippin' Dots. One moment this little sphere and the next, it's turned to ice cream to please your taste buds. I think this product is necessary because plain old ice cream has been around forever and we need something new. ,'The ice cream of the future,'?! Forget the future, we need this product now.

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