Food Biz Kids: EWWWW!

Nov. 15, 2003
Honey Butter Popcorn doesn't make the grade
Orville Redenbacher's Honey Butter Gourmet Popping CornMinneapolis, Minn.Michael Wall, 7th grade:I think the Honey Butter adds a zest and makes it a lot tastier. At first, when our teacher brought it in, I thought it was caramel. When I popped a kernel in my mouth, my taste buds started to tingle.Alex Otstott, 7th grade:The packaging looks appealing. It shows what the popcorn looks like. The smell is amazing , like the name, Honey Butter. The taste is OK. Honey is strong in the beginning; then it dies down. You can hardly taste the butter. The texture is smooth. I don't think moviegoers will like this product and the world doesn't need it.Claire Z. McFadden, 7th grade:Honey Butter popcorn is uh shall I say interesting. As popcorn goes, it is good, you know, light, airy and crunchy. But in taste, I have one word for you ,'Ewwww!' The package looks good; the colors are bright and attractive. The popcorn is lightly yellowed and glistening with honey. It had me fooled. One taste led me to my conclusion. It is sugary sweet, you can't taste any butter and you can tell it isn't real honey. It also doesn't really fill you up. Plus, as popcorn goes, it is relatively fatty. I think the USA doesn't need another junky, fatty food. Also there are already lots of foods kids can microwave themselves, so this is old news. If I were going to grade this, I would give it a c-, just barely passing.Jamal Johnson, 7th grade:The packaging was very appealing to me. First, I suspected that it was caramel popcorn, so I instantly rejected it. The smell was that thing that made me want to believe it was caramel. But then, as I began to eat the product, it had an almost honey taste. The taste is absolutely disgusting; it is horrible; it should not be on the market. Once it hits your mouth, it's like being exposed to nuclear radiation. Katia Hunt, 7th grade:It smells like syrup and caramel and tastes like butter. They should make the box more interesting  like popcorn coming out of a cannon ball and in the air with sparks in the background. The popcorn tastes OK but it's not all that good.Toni Porter, 7th grade:The package looks very interesting and makes you want to buy the popcorn. It tastes very good and makes you want to eat more. The smell is like caramel, but I found out it was honey. The product feels soft and somewhat crunchy. Maybe the product is necessary for people who like all types of popcorn or who like honey. I suggest that people who are on a diet not eat the Honey Popcorn because it is pretty sweet and probably unhealthy.Ben Goldman, 7th grade:I thought from the smell that this product would be delicious, but I was sadly mistaken. The taste of the honey butter is appalling; the flavor resembles that of vomit-coated butter chunks. The packaging is missing a desired flare, perhaps blue stripes with the already existing red, plus the white popcorn might reach patriotic popcorn lovers with a tad of honey. The texture is a bit smushy, but the quality of the corn isn't bad. In total, I rate Honey Butter four out of 10.Itamar Menuhin, 7th grade:When I first saw the package, I had a good feeling. It doesn't have weird cartoons, and you can see popcorn on the package like what's inside. It will be tough to spot it in the supermarket. The popcorn tastes too salty, but when eaten, it has the wonderful taste of honey. It's crunchy, but not to the point that you have to work. Honey butter popcorn is not needed out there, but it will sure help.If you have a new product you want to test on our 7th- and 8th-grade panelists, contact Diane Toops at [email protected], or (630) 467-1300, ext. 321.

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