Food Biz Kids: Are they Snickers, or not?

Oct. 15, 2003
A change of name might be appropriate
PoP'ables Snickers CruncherM&M Mars, Hackettstown, N.J.Claire Z. McFedden, 7th grade:The little Snickers balls are good, but should they be considered Snickers? I say no. They taste good with their chewy chocolate and caramel with a big nut inside, but the taste is nothing like a Snickers bar. When you bite into it, you expect a nice crunchy peanut, but instead you get a WAY TOO HARD nut that ruins it. This is also an old idea; many other candy bars did this already. It would be nice to take it in your lunch though, because they are small and bite sized. This product targets children, but parents are the ones who have to buy them. I suggest you make the package look like the candy bar and put it in smaller bags in the candy aisle.Matthew Lambert, 7th grade:I think Snickers PoP'ables is a good idea along with other bite size candy. The texture is attractive, but I think the first taste you get is more like malted milk balls. The majority of my class was excited by the packaging. I think fewer should be in the package; I doubt a kid could consume it all without getting sick, Overall, I think that they are not as good as they would seem, so I would rather not eat them.Hannah Burson, 7th grade:I think that this candy is very good. It makes Snickers into bite size pieces. I like the design on the package. It works well on shelves since it can stand up by itself. The package is resealable, so you don't have to waste bags. The candy is very crunchy, which some people don't like, but I like the crunchiness.Ben Goldman, 7th grade:From previous experience, I think that this Snickers product doesn't taste much like their other products, but it's not too bad. The center is a little crunchy for my taste. There really isn't much of a smell, but the lack of a filling is a bit irritating. The packaging is excellent , very attractive to kids about 7 to 13 years old. My final judging is 8 out of 10.Fabiola Rojas, 7th grade:PoPables are too crunchy; the taste and smell is fine, but the crunch is over-exaggerated. They aren't healthy for your teeth.K.C. Velasquez, 7th grade:The package should be the color of a Snickers bar. You need to soften the balls, but I can get over it. You should make it taste more like a Snickers. You need to make the product in big bags and little bags and with another layer of chocolate. Melanie Marquez, 7th grade:PoP'ables Snickers are so good. When you put them in your mouth, they are so crunchy. They are better than a Snickers bar because the bar has too much chocolate. What I like about PoP'ables is that they are so round. Who cares about what size the bag is?; people just want to eat them.Michelle Echevarria, 7th grade:PoP'ables Snickers Cruncher tastes weird. It doesn't even taste like Snickers, They're hard to chew. At least make them taste like Snickers! The bag isn't very attractive either, I mean, come on people they're supposedly Snickers in a different shape and size. You're wasting your money. And that's the truth! Sylvia Friedman, 7th grade:It's a good idea and should work well. They do taste good, but they are too crunchy and not at all like Snickers. I think it would be appropriate to change the name because they are too hard. I also think it would be a good idea to have more chocolate. The packaging looks OK, but the effect is not optimal. To truly visualize the power of the bag, you could add a window, a drop shadow on the lettering, or -- and I stress the word "or" -- more color.If you have a new product you want to test on our 7th- and 8th-grade panelists, contact Diane Toops at [email protected], or (630) 467-1300, ext. 321.

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