Beyond Morbid Obesity

Jan. 2, 2019

How I stumbled on a candidate for the next Jared.

Not long ago I was in the checkout line at a Whole Foods, waiting to pay for a (surprisingly affordable) hot lunch. The guy ahead of me had a package of Beyond Meat sausages, made, like all their products, from plant-based meat analogue material.

I should note, for reasons that will become clear in a moment, that this man was obese, but not unusually so – by American standards, anyway. I asked him how those sausages tasted.

He turned out to be a huge fan of all things Beyond Meat. Their products were his major source of protein – he’d switched away from real meat some eight months ago. As a result, he said, he’d lost 125 pounds.

A hundred twenty-five pounds!

If I were Beyond Meat, I’d track this guy down and sign him up. He could be to Beyond Meat what Jared was to Subway. (Hopefully with a happier ending.)

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