Sainsbury's Gives Life to Leftover Food

June 18, 2014

Google partnered with supermarket firm Sainsbury's to create an mobile device and smartphone app that gives users new ideas for how to use their leftovers.

Recycling is not an unfamiliar topic for most people, but with the results from a study by WRAP, Google and British supermarket firm Sainsbury's think that it's time recycling be taken a little more seriously. Studies done by WRAP in Britain have found that families waste around £60 of food and drink a month, or 2.4 million tons of food and drink per year.

To stop all that food from going straight from the refrigerator into the trash, Google and Sainsbury's have created a mobile app that can be accessed from mobile devices and smartphones called Sainsbury's Food Rescue. This app gives families the option to use their leftover food with suggestions of different recipes that they could make with the ingredients that they have on hand. The users only need to say (with voice recognition software) or type 9 ingredients they have available, and the app tells them different recipes that they could make with those ingredients.

Instead of throwing away their leftovers, people are able to give that food new life again. WRAP's Love Food Hate Waste campaign expressed that it's biggest hope for an outcome is that people would someday be able to get creative and inspired to make dishes from their leftovers, without relying on Sainsbury's Food Rescue.

For more information, visit Sainsbury's Food Rescue.

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