Top global brands

Sept. 25, 2009

Interbrand released its 2009 Best Global Brands identifying the top 100 brands in terms of brand value.  Equally important as the ranking is how brands, across all categories, did or did not maintain their value during this recession year.   For many brands, the current economic environment exposed fundamental weaknesses in meeting consumer trends; highlighted the bad choices made by many players that called into question the integrity of entire industries, and reset the basis for choosing brands inside categories.  

Food companies making the grade include: No 1 Coca-Cola (No. 1), McDonald's (No. 6), PepsiCo (No. 23), Nescafe (No. 25), Budweiser (No. 30), Kellogg's (No. 34), Heinz (No. 48), Wrigley (No. 51), Nestle (No. 58), Danone (No. 60), KFC (No. 61), Pizza Hut (No. 79), Moet & Chandon (No. 82), Smirnoff (No. 84), Starbucks (No. 90), Burger King (No. 93), and Campbell's (No. 100). 

Jez Frampton, global CEO of Interbrand, says that, "Interbrand has studied the performance of brands for a decade.  In this time of intense economic change we believe that brands will play an increasing role in the marketplace and in consumers' lives."    

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