Flooding Threat Closes Triumph Foods

March 22, 2019
Work at St. Joseph, Mo., headquarters plant suspended due to Missouri River rise and evacuation order.

Triumph Foods suspended operations today (March 22) because of "the unexpected rise in water level of the Missouri River reported by officials, causing a subsequent mandatory evacuation order of the area."

Triumph is a producer-owned processor of pork products, which began operations in St. Joseph Mo., along the banks of the Missouri River, in January 2006. In the same area are stockyards and facilities for Nestle Purina, Ag Processing and Ventura Foods, but we have no word on those other facilities.

"We are currently coordinating with local officials and following an orderly shut-down protocol to effectively stop operations while ensuring the safety of all employees and livestock," said a Triumph notice this morning. "We will be monitoring the changes in river level and information from authorities and hope to resume operations for Saturday, March 23."

In June of 2008, flooding along the Cedar River closed a number of food processing facilities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, including those owned byPepsiCo (Quaker Oats) and Cargill--we still have some remarkable photos on our website. And just last September, Hurricane Florence walloped meat and poultry operations in the Carolinas.