Nominations Are Open for Candy’s Innovation Awards

Aug. 25, 2015
The National Confectioners Association is asking for nominations to the candy industry's leadership awards

The National Confectioners Association, Washington, invites members to submit nominations to award the candy industry’s most innovative, leadership-focused retail and wholesale individuals.

Members are encouraged to nominate results-driven, thought leaders in the retail and wholesale community for the 2016 Confectionery Leadership Awards. In its sixth year, the awards were established to recognize top confectionery customers among their peers.

NCA member retail and wholesale customers are a fundamental part of the confectionery industry’s supply chain engagement,” notes Larry Wilson, the NCA’s vice president of industry relations. “The Confectionery Leadership Awards seeks to reward individuals that set the gold standard when it comes to being leaders in their profession. We encourage NCA members to nominate someone they feel is worthy of such an honored distinction.”

While the NCA’s member-driven awards program pays tribute to outstanding customers, it also fosters deeper customer engagement and support of the confectionery industry, the association points out. All confectionery retailers and wholesalers based in the U.S. from any distribution channel are eligible. Recipients of this award exemplify many of the following:
●Demonstrate consistent leadership and drives breakthrough thinking
●Leverage their experience to continually advance the entire category in multiple ways
●Elevate the role of confectionery to a higher level in the retail environment
●Deliver category growth while leveraging the overall retail profit potential of confectionery
●Drive best practices through category promotion, innovative merchandising and manufacturer collaboration
●Exhibit strong potential for continued growth
●Act as a role model for other retailers/wholesalers

The nominations are now being accepted through Monday, Oct. 5, and will be presented in Miami at the NCA’s annual State of the Industry Conference in February, where the industry gathers to network with colleagues and gain invaluable insights to apply to its businesses.

More information is available from the NCA at, 202-534-1440.

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