Packaging Trends: Kraft Foods Adds Cheese Packaging To Its Terracycle Collection Programs

Dec. 15, 2010
Consumers can now upcycle cheese wrappers to earn money for non-profits.
Kraft Foods has added cheese packaging to its TerraCycle collection programs. Called the Cheese Brigade, TerraCycle and Kraft Foods will pay postage and two cents per unit of packaging to a charity of the collector’s choice for any packaging from Kraft Naturals, Philadelphia, Philly, Athenos, Kraft Singles, macaroni and cheese, Easy Mac, Cracker Barrel, Polly-O, Breakstone, Velveeta and Knudsen.TerraCycle finds new uses for the packaging, thereby keeping it out of landfills. Kraft Foods has had previous success with upcycling packaging with its Capri Sun, Nabisco and Lunchables products. Kraft Foods and TerraCycle launched the Drink Pouch Brigade in 2008. According to the company, Kraft Foods was the first major multi-category corporation to fund the collection of used packaging associated with its products. Since 2008, the Capri Sun Drink Pouch Brigade has diveted more than 50 million pouches and paid more than $1 million to schools and non-profits.   The collected packaging will be upcycled or recycled into a range of new products through TerraCycle’s processes which have been independently rated as among the world’s most carbon saving waste solutions. TerraCycle’s Brigades divert packaging waste from landfills and help raise consumer awareness about reducing, reusing and recycling.  TerraCycle is making it simple for consumers to have a positive impact on the environment.   Participation is free and all shipping costs are paid.  Sign up today at

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