Harris Interactive Reveals Cooking Trends in America

July 28, 2010
According to the results of The Harris Poll, three in 10 Americans love to cook, while one in five do not enjoy it or don't cook. Two in five prepare meals at home five or more times per week

A recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive revealed some interesting facts about American home cooks.

  • 79% of adults say they enjoy cooking
  • 30% say they love it 
  • 49% say they enjoy it when they have the time. 
  • 14% say they do not enjoy cooking 
  • 7% do not cook

The Harris Poll consisted of 2,503 adults surveyed online between May 10-17, 2010 by Harris Interactive.

The poll also revealed which age groups can most often be found in the kitchen:

  • 33% of Matures (those 65 and older) love cooking
  • 28% of Baby Boomers (those 46-64)

Men were more likely to say they love cooking (32% versus 28% of women).

Cooking Frequency
As for how often Americans are cooking, the poll revealed:

  • 41% say they prepare meals at home five or more times a week
  • 29% do so three to four times a week
  • 19% of U.S. adults prepare meals at home one to two times a week
  • 11% rarely or never prepare meals at home.

There is a generational difference in frequency of preparing meals at home:

  • 52% of Matures cook at home five or more times per week
  • 33% of Echo Boomers (those aged 18-33) cook at home five or more times per week
  • 22% say they often cook only for themselves
  • 76% often cook for their family
  • 22% often cook for friends.

How people cook
Among those who prepare meals at home:

  • 81% say they cook what they are familiar with very often
  • 75% say they very often or occasionally will use pre-prepped and/or frozen ingredients
The full data tables associated with this release can be found on Harris Interactive's website.

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