Alcohol Manufacturers See Increase in Profits

July 15, 2010
Mintel Research firm reports number of consumers that are indulging in alcoholic drink at home has been cut in half; however, the market is still going strong.

Research firm Mintel has found American consumers are drinking alcohol more at home than in bars or restaurants.

The research found that among alcohol drinkers:

  • 90% consume alcoholic beverages at home
  • 77% drink outside the home

According to Mintel, the off-premise alcoholic beverage market has grown 21% since 2004. Drinkers are also cutting back in terms of the alcohol they’re purchasing for at-home consumption – 28% of respondents who drink alcoholic beverages at home have traded down to less expensive brands than last year to save money.

In terms of sales:

  • 48% of market sales for alcohol are for beer
  • 67% of those who drink alcohol at home indulging in a glass of wine. 
  • 57% of respondents consumed distilled spirits while 53% consumed regular beer

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