Keller and Heckman Offer Practical Food Law Seminar March 2010

Dec. 14, 2009

Keller and Heckman is offering two courses focusing on the regulation, litigation, and competitive issues facing food processors, retailers and restaurants.  The firm's Practical Food Law program has been praised by prior attendees as being of great professional value and has been taught for over 20 years by the experienced food law lawyers of Keller and Heckman.  The courses are practical, straightforward and offer key information and understanding to those with responsibilities in food marketing, research and development, regulation, or litigation.

The Essentials
March 8-9, 2010
This course provides a comprehensive presentation of the statutory and regulatory framework, important international issues, the latest regulations and agency guidance on bioterrorism, strategies for surviving inspections, recall and enforcement, food safety concerns, import restrictions, as well as other hot topics that are affecting the food industry today.

Labeling, Advertising, and Promotion
March 10-11, 2010
This course takes a more intensive look at labeling requirements for food and dietary supplements, promoting products via health and nutrient content and structure/function claims, and other issues impacting how companies label and promote food products. It also explores the impact of obesity – particularly childhood obesity – on regulatory and legislative policy governing labeling and advertising, examines issues relating to the expanding puffery defense, challenging and defending competitive claims, substantiating "Establishment Claims," plus other issues that relate to Labeling, Advertising and Promotion.
Registration fee:
$1,950 (4-day course, March 8-11)
$1,300 (The Essentials, March 8-9)
$1,300 (Labeling, Advertising, and Promotion, March 10-11)
Early registration incentive: Register by February 1, 2010 and take advantage of the early registration incentive of $100 off your total registration fee.
Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credits: This course has been pre-approved with the State Bar of California for 22 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits. CLE credits will be available for other states, pending state approval.

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