Knouse Foods Highlights Foodservice Trends For 2010

Nov. 30, 2009
According to the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) forecast and Knouse Foods’ industry expertise, there are several foodservice trends emerging as a result of the recession and changing consumer behaviors. Knouse Foods highlights four trends that foodservice professionals can address to help diversify their menus, save costs and appeal to consumers’ evolving preferences.Key areas that foodservice chefs and operators can manage to attract diners and become more efficient include:
  • Healthful options
  • Comfort foods
  • Kid’s menu diversity
  • Labor and costs saving solutions

Consumers and foodservice professionals continue to adapt to the changing economic situation. When it comes to menu selections in 2010, comfort foods offered at a reasonable price are expected to drive demand as people look to classic foods and ingredients that are more nostalgic. However, health will be a rising concern, with diners looking to restaurants to take a stronger stance in addressing the need for better eating habits.  

This also extends into kid’s menus, no longer just the standard list of kid friendly staples; kid’s menus are growing to include more diverse meals to appeal to maturing taste. Adding fruit or applesauce boosts flavor and nutritional value while appealing to the younger audience.

In addition to meeting consumer demand, operators are equally concerned about moving into 2010 with greater efficiency to reduce labor and costs. Some strategies include leaner purchasing habits, greater waste management, skillful preparation techniques and resourceful labor practices.

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