RF and conventional ID technology join for end-to-end tracking and analysis

Feb. 11, 2005
Sensitech, Inc. (Beverly, Mass.), a leading provider of cold chain information and analysis, and GenuOne, Inc. (Boston, Mass.), a key provider of product tracking software for visibility management, recently announced the formation of a strategic partnership to deliver a condition-based product tracking solution for the food and pharmaceutical industries.GenuOne and Sensitech together will offer an integrated solution for product tracking, authentication/diversion and electronic pedigree. With 20 years combined experience in providing tracking and analysis solutions, this joint offering will enable companies to meet imminent regulatory and commercial mandates now and evolve to address additional product safety initiatives and supply chain efficiencies in the future.This integrated solution supports a mixed environment of active/passive RFID tags, on-board sensors, linear/2D bar codes and other tagging technologies and enables data acquisition and analysis of multiple data types such as location, time and temperature.With growing challenges in maintaining a safe, secure and transparent supply chain, the pharmaceutical and food industries are facing numerous regulatory and commercial mandates to promote product safety. Central to these mandates is the need to determine product authentication, location, condition and history as it flows through a distributed supply chain."Our alliance with GenuOne allows us to now offer our 3,000 customers item level tracking of products, along with the monitoring, statistical measure and process control we already provide," states Eric Schultz, CEO and chairman of the board for Sensitech. "Jointly we can deliver tracking and visibility analysis, enhancing our customer's ability to improve the condition and quality of their products.""There is a substantial unmet market need for a scalable and comprehensive solution to address the complex needs of the marketplace," states Jeffrey Unger, CEO, GenuOne. "We are excited to expand our product capabilities by partnering with a premier company, such as Sensitech, to address these market needs and to deliver an integrated offering to our combined client list."

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