July 2018 Cartoon Caption Contest

June 29, 2018
Are you melting, too? Cool off with some light entertainment courtesy of Food Processing.

Are you brave enough to endure the heat of our monthly cartoon caption contest? Try not to melt under pressure as you vote on the funniest captions for our cartoon.

Cast your votes via this link

Submitted Captions

I dedicate this beach and area as the next Hershey Park by making my mark.

Oh fudge.

"High melt, low melt, what's the difference?," he says.

I thought we were supposed to melt in the mouth, not in the sand.

No wonder whales evolved back into sea creatures!

Uh oh, our goal of getting healthy and becoming dark chocolate is melting away.

It's so hot today, even the hard candies are complaining.

Years from now, tourists will pay good money to come to these chocolate sand beaches.

"We could have used sun block, but you said it wasn't in good taste."
--"I said, 'It would spoil our taste.'"

I asked you to go to the Polynesian restaurant to get us umbrellas. You are so stubborn.

We'll need to think of a new plan of fortifying ourselves with Vitamin D.

They didn't tell me they were testing chocolate with sea salt.

You and your candy-ass ideas! "Let's go to the beach," he says.

I can’t take any s’more of this heat

Mmmmm, mmmmm - hot chocolate!

I'm too young to die. I've never even been bitten.

Hurry, Pass the Coppertone

Cocoa Beach - Home of the Best Sea Salt Chocolates

I knew they were wrong when they said it's not the temperature but the humidity!

Curses, I'm Melting! I'm Melting! ahhh.........

QA was never sweeter.

Even a whole glass of Hot Dog Water will not protect you from the sun.

Wish I were candy-coated after all.

You do know that all taste-testing is done in the QA Lab, don't you?

Now I get why nude beaches are prohibited in Candy Land.

I'm not a fan of running on the beach!

"This sun isn't phasing me a bit. I could stay out here all day..." "Yeah totally, me too

Chili Chocolate, not so much!

Just another plan not too well thought out.

Milk or Dark Chocolate anyone?

You said this would be a fun vacation.

I told you the cost cutting projects would get the best of us! I really miss my big umbrella.

No additives, the proof is in the sand

George, did you check our melt-flow index before booking this trip?

Just get in the sea already, Caramel said the salt did wonders for his popularity.

Look out before water gets in my drink! I've already got sand on my chocolate!!

I think I'm going to need more ice in this drink.

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