Research Chefs Expand Regional Meetings


Aug 24, 2006

Members of the Research Chefs Association (RCA) are strengthening the organization's local presence at regional meetings held across the country. The Association believes in "Regions Without Borders," signifying members' desire to network locally while maintaining an open invitation to non-locals and non-members who may also be interested in attending.

"These informal, local gatherings are gaining in popularity because they offer members an additional way to maximize their participation in the organization. The industry really benefits from the strengthened sense of community that results from these regional meetings," says Danny Bruns, RCA Regional Committee Chair and Corporate Chef at Kerry Americas in Wisconsin.

RCA regional events create a means for members and guests to share their knowledge and expertise on a local level, and provide a venue to stimulate professional development, networking, and industry camaraderie. For details on specific events listed below, or to attend as a member of the press, please visit

Upcoming RCA Regional Meetings

9/8 Central Region: Culinary Trends & More Cincinnati, OH
9/18 Chicagoland Region: Cheese Seminar Madison, WI
9/21 North Central Region: BBQ Picnic Minneapolis, MN
9/26 Mid-Atlantic Region: Targeting Texture Baltimore, MD 
11/6 Chicagoland Region:  Culinology Challenge at MFPC Rosemont, IL