PureCircle Announces that Reb A is Sustainably Competitive with Sugar

Source: FoodProcessing.com

May 14, 2009

In the keynote speech given in Shanghai at Stevia World 2009 (May 14-15), the annual conference for producers and food and beverage companies, Dorn Wenninger, Corporate VP Supply Chain with PureCircle, the major Reb A producer, announced today that Reb A is now fully competitive with sugar for global brands with global volume. 

At the conference, Wenninger shared key success factors in his presentation entitled, “Key Success of Reb A to multinational F&B Companies.” He said, following FDA GRAS in Dec. 08 in the U.S., “product development activity has been intense. To build on our continuing success, the global stevia industry must work together as a sustainable industry to tell the very positive story about stevia and the natural extraction methods used, which in many cases is supporting some of the poorest farming communities.” 

PureCircle, a producer of Rebaudioside A (Reb A) sweeteners from Stevia, announced in 2008 their contract extensions with Cargill and major new contracts with PepsiCo and the Whole Earth Sweetener Company, for the supply of high-purity Reb A for use in beverages, foods and tabletop sweeteners. PureCircle’s investment in research and development has given it a leading position in the manufacture of high-purity Reb A, and its scientists are globally recognized experts in the field.