China Approves Omega-3 Fish Oil, Fish Oil Powder as Novel Food Ingredients

Source: FoodProcessing.com

Apr 28, 2010

also cited: Ocean Nutrition Canada

Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited, supplier of MEG-3 brand  Omega-3 EPA/DHA food and dietary supplement ingredients,  announced that earlier this year the People’s Republic of China formally announced that both Omega-3 fish oil and fish oil powder were approved as Novel Food Ingredients for all food and beverage categories and for all ages; children through to seniors. This is a profound acknowledgement by the China government that long-chain omega-3 fatty acids are necessary “good” fats that deliver a wide  array of health benefits that are most likely missing in the typical Chinese consumer’s diet.

According to an ONC release, it is anticipated the Chinese market will quickly follow the lead of both North America and Europe, where Omega-3 fortified food and beverage new product launches are showing excellent growth. The China market already has some good knowledge of the health benefits of DHA, one of the Omega-3’s, as it is included in many of the Chinese infant formulas to aid in brain and eye development.  DHA from fish oil already had regulatory coverage in China as a nutritional fortifier allowed to be added to infant formula and children’s foods.