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FPSA Creates Networks

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

Jul 26, 2018

Food Processing Suppliers Assn. in July created new membership groups called Networks that create opportunities to network with professionals in similar disciplines and tackle critical issues spanning food and beverage industry segments that FPSA members operate in

Three new Networks are being created – Packaging Network, Food Safety Network and Technology Network – joining the existing Women’s Network (formerly Women’s Council) and Young Professionals Group (YPG).

“The Networks not only create new avenues of participation for FPSA members, they provide content development in areas across the food industry spectrum,” says Jarrod McCarroll, FPSA chairman and president of Weber Inc. “While our industry councils have a vertical focus, the Networks have a horizontal span across all segments that enables solutions that cross-pollinate from one industry to another."

“The new Network structure addresses an issue our leadership has discussed for some time now, that of cross-industry collaboration,” says David Seckman, president/CEO of FPSA. Interested members should contact Dolores Alonso ( at 703-663-1226.