Lab Meat Producers Opt for ‘Cell-Based’ Label

By Pan Demetrakakes, Senior Editor

Sep 12, 2018

Producers of cultivated or “lab-grown” meat have announced plans to form a trade association and to call their product “cell-based meat.”

The announcements were made at the Good Food Conference, held last week at the University of California-Berkeley by the Good Food Institute, an advocacy group for “meatless” meat. Most such products are plant-based, but cultivated meat has the potential to be much closer to animal-derived products.

Producers of cultivated meat who attended the conference settled on the term “cell-based meat” as an alternative to “clean meat.” The decision was partially an acknowledgement of the pushback they’re getting from meat producers and others. Missouri has prohibited marketing any product not derived from an animal, whether plant-based or cultivated, as “meat.”

The cultivated meat producers also announced plans to form a trade association, but said details and funding would be worked out later.