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Fermentation Creates Milk-less Ice Cream

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

Jul 17, 2019

Perfect Day Foods this week launched a small batch of ice creams created by lab fermentation of cow's milk – and sold out within hours.

Perumal Gandhi and Rayan Pandya added cow’s milk DNA to a culture to create dairy proteins whey and casein via fermentation, they explained to CNBC. Those dairy proteins were combined with water and plant-based ingredients to create a dairy substitute that was used to make ice cream.

1,000 three-packs of Perfect Day ice cream — a pint each of Milky Chocolate, Vanilla Salted Fudge and Vanilla Blackberry Toffee – sold for $60 and cost closer to $100 with dry ice shipping, the news site reported. The run sold out in hours on the company website, and the products will be delivered to customers in three to four weeks.

Gandhi told CNBC the dairy substitute is nutritionally identical to cow’s milk and tastes just like it, but it's lactose-free and he considers it vegan – but they're required to label it “contains milk” because it could cause allergies. They apparently have been working on the concept since 2014.

Fermentation is different than the processes used in making lab-created meats – like that of Memphis Meats – but the founders add that their process also could be used to make cheese, yogurt and other dairy products.