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Ingredient Round Up: October 2019

Oct. 17, 2019
Our editors selected the following ingredients to feature in our October 2019 issue of Food Processing. See which products they chose.

Methylcellulose, pea proteins now available

With the plant-based meat alternatives market expanding, this new market has texture and nutritional needs. So a handful of new texturizers plus a plant protein have been added to the vendor's portfolio. Methylcellulose and Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose provide superior texture and improved mouthfeel in plant-based meat applications. Pea Proteins, both powdered and texturized, are in demand as a protein source. These are in addition to the supplier's wide variety of specialty hydrocolloids: agar, carrageenan, gellan gum, konjac gum, locust bean gum, microcrystalline cellulose, nalgin sodium alginate, pectin, propylene glycol alginate, tara gum and xanthan gum. Ingredients Solutions Inc.; Waldo, Maine; 207-722-4172; www.isi.us.com

Cold-brew hibiscus extract

A cold-brew hibiscus extract is the newest of a variety of clean label extracts derived from wholesome sources, using only the cleanest methods of processing for a true-to-nature flavor. The standards for all the company's extracts include: No artificial ingredients, no synthetic chemicals, propylene glycol-free, caramel color-free, Prop 65-free , natural/natural WONF. Non-GMO Project verified, organic compliant/certified. Flavorchem; Downers Grove, Ill.; 630-932-8100; www.flavorchem.com

Probiotics for maternal and infant health

Howaru Protect Prenatal+ probiotic formula has been clinically proven to deliver mood, vaginal and immune health benefits for women during pregnancy and beyond. Trials and studies have shown probiotic supplementation of Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 in women provided immune benefits for infants. Also demonstrated was that a mother’s daily consumption of L. rhamnosus HN001 was associated with a lower prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus and lower incidence of postnatal depression and anxiety. It was found to help infants develop a balanced immune system function in the first two years and continued to impact immune health through 11 years. DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences; New Century, Kan.; 913-764-8100; www.dupontnutritionandhealth.com

Clean whey protein available

Whey protein is available that is non-GMO, pasture-based, rBST- and rBGH-free and the result of cold-press microfiltration. It has a clean taste and yields a clean label. It’s a nutritionally complete protein. Ask for our Protein Comparison Guide. Farbest; Park Ridge, N.J.; 201-573-4900; farbest.com

Lab-scale extruder

Extrusion in the laboratory allows the development of novel products in snacks, breakfast cereals, flat breads, pasta and confectionery. By varying the parameters of screw speed, temperature and shear in their interaction during extrusion, the new TwinLab-F 20/40 twin-screw laboratory extruder is a space-saving and economical solution that texturizes the widest range of different materials. With a rotational speed of up to 1200 rpm, this extruder offers greater flexibility when it comes to energy input and throughput. What’s more, the cylinder is split horizontally and is hinged at both sides, which makes the segmented screws easily accessible. Brabender GmbH & Co.; Duisburg, Germany; +49 203 7788 138; bit.ly/2kG6wQV

Certified organic powdered caramel color

Certified organic liquid caramel color and what claims to be the world’s first certified organic powdered caramel color are now available. So is a line of Non-GMO Project Verified caramel colors and caramelized sugar syrups, which are products produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project standard. Request a sample through [email protected]. Sethness Roquette; Skokie, Ill.; 888-772-1880; www.sethness.com

Organic stabilizer

TICorganic Ticagel GC-553 is an organic system to stabilize and control syneresis in gummies fortified with nutritional oils. It can support oil loads up to 15%, creating an ideal, gelatin-free delivery system for a full spectrum of oils. It allows formulators to easily and efficiently reach the label claim requests that continue to penetrate the market: organic compliant, vegan, suitable for a full spectrum of oils,halal, kosher. Tic Gums; White Marsh, Md.; 410-273-7300; www.ticgums.com

Hazelnuts a trending ingredient

A spring 2019 survey of 25 food industry decision-makers found a large majority (87%) had a "positive" opinion of hazelnuts. In addition, 40% said they were using more hazelnuts in their product than a few years ago. For inspiration, many look to hazelnut products in Europe, where generations of consumers have embraced the flavor. Consumers surveyed were eager to try hazelnuts in many applications, but named as their top seven: mixed nuts or trail nuts, baked goods (cookies, muffins or bread), chocolate bars or candy, fruit and nut bars, salad dressings and granolas or cereals. Domestic processors now market up to 14 varieties in eight ingredient forms, from whole kernels to fine meal and paste – roasted or unroasted. Samples are available. Northwest Hazelnut Co.; Hubbard, Ore.; 503-982-8030; hazelnuts.com

Sugar-free red colorings

These liquid and powdered red colorants do not contain sugar ingredients. They offer high color intensities and contain just two raw materials. The reds deliver colors that are 50% more intense, which means they can be used in lower dosages to achieve the same effect. The red range includes shades such as “Vivid Red,” “Purple Plum,” “Veggie Red” and “Brilliant Pink," made from fruits and vegetables including carrots, black currants, radishes, blueberries and sweet potatoes. All are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Kosher parve-approved and Halal-compliant. GNT Exberry; Mierlo, Netherlands; 914-524-0600; exberry.com

Natural dark cocoa powder

Natural Dark a is 100% natural dark cocoa powder processed without alkali. The taste palate is a mix of roasted cocoa, spices and a hint of dried fruits giving way to warm notes that blend well with toasted aromas, such as coffee or pecan nuts. It can be used in such applications as bakery and pastry, cold drinks and beverages and ice cream. Barry Callebaut; Zurich, Switzerland; +41 43 204 04 04; www.barry-callebaut.com

Complex, high-daidzein soy isoflavone complex

Organic SoyLife Complex is a soy ingredient sourced from a variety that is naturally rich in isoflavones. It is produced from the soy germ that sits at the heart of the soy bean, further enhancing the isoflavone concentration. It is standardized in isoflavones through natural selection and is high in concentrations of daidzein, a constituent in soy recognized for its powerful antioxidant and phytoestrogenic properties. The product uses non-GMO soybeans and is selected, purified and heat-treated to ensure stability of the active ingredients. It is vegan, kosher and halal. Frutarom Health; Haifa, Israel; 201-941-8777; www.frutaromhealth.com

Plant-based emulsifier and preservative

Nouravant is derived from the botanical building blocks cellulose and lignin. It extends freshness in baked goods such as muffins and cookies, and shelf life in finished foods such as pasta. It replaces chemical, synthetic and natural emulsifiers (e.g., mono- and diglycerides or lecithin), humectants (stabilizers) and texturizers with a single-label ingredient. It serves the gluten-free and allergen-free market by improving the texture of GF and other allergen-free foods and also can save 25-50% on traditional ingredients, such as eggs. The Plantrose process to create this ingredient uses only heat, water and pressure to gently release cellulose and lignin from plants. Renmatix; King of Prussia, Pa.; 484-751-4000; renmatix.com

Coffee ON your bagel?

Coffee, an integral component of people’s daily lives, can now be used as an ingredient atop baked goods, sweets, snacks, and desserts. The company's proprietary technology allows the taste, experience and performance and health benefits of whole bean coffee in a host of other applications. As a prototype, the company created Nudge, what it claimed was the world’s first no-nut, no-chocolate coffee butter spread for ther recent Sweets & Snacks Expo and Specialty Coffee Expo. Whole Coffee Co.; Miami; 800-255-6861; www.eatnudge.com

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