Ingredient Round Up: September 2015

Sept. 21, 2015
A monthly round-up of food and beverage ingredients chosen by our editors.

Calcium fortification for chocolate

Accent calcium fortification technology is now applied to chocolate, compound coatings and inclusions for bars, baked goods, snacks, and confections. The company's system creates a chocolate or compound coating that delivers the same amount of calcium as a serving of milk, while maintaining the eating experience of the chocolate. Applications include snacks, meal replacement bars and baked goods, especially those seeking to increase fiber or protein in the formulations.

Delavau Food Partners; Philadelphia

Textured protein

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To help food manufacturers meet growing demand for products rich in vegetable-based proteins, TruTex textured wheat protein is suitable for use in vegetarian products, as well as meat, poultry and seafood enhancement applications. In addition, the company says it has excellent properties for producing crispy snack foods and breakfast cereals due to its fibrous structure that, when hydrated, replicates the look and texture of meat. The protein is said to have excellent water- and fat-binding capacity for increased yields and reduced formulation costs, along with textural integrity that holds up during processing. The protein is available in a variety of sizes and shapes that include shreds, flakes and small particles. Depending on type, it is offered in up to three different colors: light tan, caramel and dark caramel.

MGP Ingredients; Atchison, Kan.

Organic hydrocolloids

The company expanded its line of organic certified texture and stability solutions with its TICorganic hydrocolloid systems. Certified under the USDA National Organic Program, the products cover a wide range of applications including specialty systems for bakery, dairy and beverages. Organic foods, just like their mainstream counterparts, need the functional characteristics that hydrocolloids and stabilizers provide. The line allows formulators to thicken, suspend, add mouthfeel and impart freeze/thaw stability to their products while adhering to organic restrictions.

TIC Gums; White Marsh, Md.

Omega-3 powder

Avoid auto-oxidation, limited shelf-life, sensitivities to air, heat, light and humidity and the potential to cause "fish-burps" with the company’s OmniMega Advanced Omega-3 Powder. Comprised of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil that are bound to a beta cyclodextrin backbone, the powder is suitable for ready-to-mix formulations that are more shelf stable, with less sensitivity to air and oxidation, without the fishy reflux. According to the company, the powder was shown to have excellent stability and shelf-life, making it ideal for applications such as ready-to-mix powdered beverages for sports nutrition and rapid melts as an alternative to children’s gummies.

Glanbia Nutritionals; Carlsbad, Calif.

Northwest cherries

Add flavor and anti-inflammatory effects with this season’s Northwest cherries. Recent research suggests that cherries may reduce the risk or modify the severity of chronic diseases and can help combat arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure and cancer. The company says this year’s cherry crop will arrive soon but isn’t as big as last year’s crop. To extend the flavor and healthy benefits past the season, cherries can be frozen for later use.

Northwest Cherries; Yakima, Wash.

Vibrant shades from natural sources

The Futurals line fulfills the need to achieve vibrant hues and stable shades through the use of natural sources -- various juice concentrates, vegetable extracts and blends. Popular applications include beverages, dairy, confectionery and many more.Colors are sourced in a manner that maintains the natural and essential characteristics of the fruit or vegetable without chemical processes or modifications. A recent line expansion includes strawberry red shades, grape shades and hues of blue.

Roha USA; St. Louis

Whey protein egg replacers

Nutrilac egg replacers help minimize the impact of the current eggs shortage while maintaining clean labels. They're made from whey proteins extracted from cows’ milk so they are completely natural and from a source that’s familiar to consumers. They are easy to use in production with no pre-blending or cooling required. They also offer a longer microbiological shelf life than eggs – up to 18 months stored at room temperature. Refrigeration is not required, which is an important advantage over both liquid and powdered eggs because it reduces waste.

Arla Foods Ingredients; Viby, Denmark
+45 8938 1000;

Bedazzle your cookies

Edible Glitter can be used a sprinkle, topping or inclusion. It contains no partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) – a key considerations since many traditional sprinkles, often referred to as “jimmies” or “shots,” may contain PHOs. Glitter also is sugar free and provides improved coverage, which translates into lower usage rate (by weight) and a significant reduction in overall cost for toppings compared to traditional sprinkles. And of course it adds visual appeal and vibrant color. There are several varieties of Edible Glitter, the most popular being Edible Glitter Flake, which is made from gum arabic.

Watson Inc.; West Haven Conn.

Ghost pepper and specialty pepper extracts

In response to consumer demand for more specialized heat, particularly in certain chili pepper varieties, new varieties have been added to the vendor's specialty pepper product line. New are cayenne, pasilla and the ghost pepper extract. They join current specialty peppers ancho, guajillo, habanero, jalapeno, poblano and Szechuan. The new specialty peppers are extracted in the U.S. using proprietary expeller-press technology that is consumer label friendly. In addition to the specialty peppers, the vendor offers heat management innovations HeatSync Systems, Fusionary Heat and ClearCap Super Soluble capsicum.

Kalsec; Kalamazoo, Mich.

Pea protein replaces eggs and more

Pisane pea protein has already been used as a replacement for soy and dairy, but it's also being used as a replacement for egg powder and egg whites. Benefits include: high protein content, high digestibility, low in anti-nutritional factors, gluten-free, high tolerance, free from common allergens, no cholesterol, lactose or soya, naturally sourced and GMO-free.

A&B Ingredients; Fairfield, N.J.

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